New business in Grafton focused on more than just food

GRAFTON— Every Wednesday, from 11:00 a.m., until 6:00 p.m., Grafton residents can get a taste of heaven, by visiting Heavenly Hoagies, which sets up on Beech Street, beside Circle K.

Owner of Heavenly Hoagies, Brian Coleman, has been operating his business with the help of his wife, for nearly seven years.

After switching his focus from a sit-down restaurant to mobile food trucks in 2016, Coleman now has expanded to having two food trucks, that travel five days a week to various locations, and recently added Grafton to his route.

The journey started with a trailer and a pull behind grill, then grew to a 12-foot box trailer, and has now grown into having two 24-foot box trailers for mobile food trucks.

According to Coleman, the idea of bringing one of his mobile trucks to Grafton came from return costumer, and Grafton Fireman Gary McIe, who Coleman said, was adamant about having him bring his business to the area. 

“Brian is a great guy with a great business, and delicious food. I knew he would do well here,” said McIe.

Coleman shared that he was extremely please with the success of his first trip to Grafton, having not done any advertising.

“I don’t normally advertise when I will be at a new location. I have the best customers, who I know will spread the word for me, send friends my way and keep coming back,” explained Coleman.

According to Coleman, he makes all the food himself, and when starting out in a new location he works alone.

“I like it to just be me in a new location for the first two or three weeks. It gives me an opportunity to get to know my customers well,” added Coleman. “They are more comfortable when it is just me and I can ensure they are getting the service they deserve.”

He shared that his venture in the hoagie business came from participating in church hoagie sales for many years, and that when the gas and oil business was big in Shinnston, he saw men who were constantly away from home for work, and said that he wanted to do something for these individuals.

“They needed to eat and it gave me the perfect opportunity to shine a light in an otherwise dark place, as well as, a chance to spread the words of Jesus,” said Coleman.

Coleman explained that after getting the truck started for the oil and gas workers, he would have other individuals stop to see what he was selling and his business, along with his following, increased from there. 

“God called me to be out here. This is what he wanted for me. I didn’t start this journey to make money, but to share and spread word about the Lord,” Coleman declared.

He also shared, that when he first started with his mobile food truck, he only had steak and barbeque hoagies on his menu, but now it has turned into much more. Heavenly Hoagies now offers 15 different types of hoagies, along with homemade pasta salads, and deep-fried sides such as, French fries, cheese sticks and onion rings.

His larger menu selection gives his customers the opportunity to eat with him on a regular basis, but never have the same thing twice, unless they want too.

Coleman credits God for turning his business into what it is today.

“You know whether I get 30 customers in one day or 300, it is all part of God’s plan. Whether they know it or not the people that visit me are parts of God’s plan. The crosses in my logo draw people in,” Coleman explained. “Nothing in it is me, it is all just in God’s favor. I always find a way to work Jesus into the conversation, and because I help him in his work, he is helping me in mine. I don’t want to accept the praise. I just thank God.”

For more information on Heavenly Hoagies, or for a complete list of locations, visit them on the web, at, or by calling, 304-709-2333.

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