Mountaineers visit WTES

FLEMINGTON—Recently, students at West Taylor Elementary School hosted some special visitors and learned the importance working hard.

Last week, the West Virginia University Mountaineer along with the West Virginia Mountaineer Women’s Basketball team made a special trip to the school to visit with students.

The Mountaineer arrived at the school first and students were eager to ask him questions about his special outfit he wears and the musket he carries.

He also discussed his busy schedule and talked to students about the importance of making time for schoolwork.

After the discussion, the Mountaineer led the Women’s Basketball Team into the school and in true mountaineer fashion the students chanted “Let’s Go Mountaineers!”

After being welcomed to the school, the team visited classrooms where they read books and also answered questions that the students had.

They talked to the students about the importance of practice and how it makes you a better player.

In addition, they talked about teamwork and how important it is to study and get good grades.

After visiting classrooms, the players and the Mountaineer enjoyed lunch with the students.

Principal Jamison Fisher shared that it was a wonderful visit and they students enjoyed interacting and learning more about the players and the Mountaineer.

“This was a fantastic experience for West Taylor students,” she voiced. They made a lasting impression on the students.”


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