Moats arraigns multiple individuals in Taylor County Circuit Court

TAYLOR COUNTY—Officials met in Taylor County Circuit Court last week to address multiple cases, after the Grand Jury recently handed down various indictments.
Recently indicted individuals were arraigned in court, with Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Alan D. Moats entering not guilty pleas on behalf of the defendants.
“I will allow 30 days for counsel to obtain discovery and file motions in these matters,” Moats voiced.
He then set a July 26, 2021 trial date for each of the cases, with jury selection beginning at 9:00 a.m.
Among those indicted was Tom Jay Hardesty, Jr., who had received a direct indictment by the Taylor County Grand Jury for one count of unlawful assault against the elderly and one count of entry of a building other than a dwelling.
A direct indictment means that Taylor County Prosecutor John Bord bypassed getting the defendant arrested and proceeded directly to presenting the case to the grand jury.
During his arraignment, Hardesty told the court he sustained a gunshot wound during an altercation with an older gentleman, and that he had no prior dealings with the man.
When addressing bond, it was revealed that the defendant had previously been in trouble.
“I got charged with receiving stolen property and DUI (driving while under the influence) with death,” Hardesty told the court. “I served my time and have been out for 14-15 years with no trouble at all.”
Moats ordered that a $1,000 Personal Recognizance (PR) Bond would be set for the defendant.
The following individuals were also arraigned last week:
• Ryn Lynn McGary for two counts of failure to register as a sexual offender. Because the defendant was currently serving another sentence, no bond was set.
• Misty Stanton for felony failure to appear. When addressing bond, it was learned that her prior bond had been revoked, so no bond would be set in the matter.
• Alisha Lynn Hinerman for third offense shoplifting. After learning that the defendant had lined up a stay in a drug rehab facility, Moats ordered that her $1,000 bond, which had been posted by All Out Bail Bonds, would continue.
• Sean Matthew Trickett on the charge of failure to meet an obligation to provide support for a minor. Because the defendant had come to court voluntarily, a $1,000 PR bond was set.
• Terry Lee Grogg for one count of fraudulently obtaining welfare assistance, as well as one count of fraudulent schemes. Again, a $1,000 PR bond was set for the defendant.
• Zachariah Jacob Cooper for three counts of fraudulent use of an access device. It was revealed that Cooper currently resides in a sober living facility and is doing well with the program. Moats ordered that his bond would continue as long as the defendant remained in the facility.
• Benjamin K. Fairley on two counts of fraudulent use of an access device and one count of fraudulent schemes. Fairley was out on bond, and Moats ordered that it would be continued.
• Michael Joseph Goodwin for one count of fraudulent schemes. A $2,500 PR bond had been set in Taylor County Magistrate Court, and it was ordered that it would continue.
• Manuel Benjamin Moore for one count of grand larceny and one count of conspiracy. It was ordered that his $13,500 bond, posted by All Out Bail Bonds, would be allowed to stand, but he would now have to report to Community Corrections for drug testing.
• Amber Dawn (Lantz) Starkey on one count of grand larceny and one count conspiracy. While it was ordered that her $35,000 bond, held through All Out Bail Bonds would continue, she was also subject to drug testing through the Community Corrections program.
• Priscilla Ann Lewis charged with possession with intent to deliver—methamphetamine. She was placed on Community Corrections for drug testing, as a stipulation of her $25,000 PR bond continuing.
• Dexter Karl Knotts on one count third or subsequent offense of driving while suspended or revoked for driving while under the influence, which was a direct indictment. Because the defendant was already serving on the Community Corrections program for another charge, Moats ordered that supervised bond to continue.
• Darrick Paul Arbogast for one count of fraudulent schemes. The defendant is currently attending a drug treatment program, and Moats ordered that a $1,000 PR bond was set so that he could continue to address his drug dependency.
Additionally, after failing to appear in court last week, capiases were issued for Damon Seth Ferguson, Christopher Hake, Sayles Dean Houston, Teresa Jones, Robin Kapp, Tina Sylva and Michael Whitehair.



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