Mayor proclaims Fire Prevention Week while at Anna Jarvis Elementary

GRAFTON—Last week students at Anna Jarvis Elementary School participated in Fire Prevention Week with the Grafton Fire Department.

Throughout the month of October, the department will be focusing on fire prevention education by visiting preschools and elementary schools throughout the county.

This year, Fire Prevention Week was held from Sunday, October 6 through Saturday, Oct 12.

Last week, the fire department had their fire house set up at Anna Jarvis Elementary School, to teach students about the importance of fire safety in a simulated setting.

During their time in the fire house, students are able to tour the rooms and learn how each room can pose a particular threat. Whether it is a fireplace in a living room or the stove in a kitchen, students learned rules and tips for their proper use.

Firefighters simulate an actual home fire, using fog machines to fill the fire safety house with “smoke,” activating real smoke alarms, allowing the children to hear first-hand how they sound.

The students are then taught to remain low to the floor, and to exit the house in a timely fashion, meeting at a designated spot outside.

The department had one of their engines at the school on Thursday. While half of the students experienced the fire house the other half learned about the equipment on the truck

Grafton Fire Deputy Chief Ryan Roberts said it is the desire of the department to educate the public of the dangers of fires, and what to do in the event of one.

“We strive to teach everyone in the community, starting with the youngest residents and working our way up,” he commented. “Without the support of the community, we wouldn’t be here, so we strive to give back in any way we can, and fire prevention activities are just one way to do that.”

In addition, Mayor of Grafton, Peggy Knotts Barney, made a stop at the school on Thursday to read a proclamation for Fire Prevention Week.

Mrs. Cyr’s fourth grade class had the opportunity to hear Barney read the proclamation.

She told the students that the City of Grafton is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all those living in and visiting Grafton.

The proclamation cited that the U.S fire departments responded to 364,000 home fires in 2016, and the fires resulted in 2,775 civilian deaths.

Barney told the students that a home fire escape plan provides a skill set and know-how to quickly and safely escape a home fire situation.

“Grafton’s first responders are dedicated to reducing the occurrence of home fires and home fire injuries through prevention and protection education,” she voiced.

Barney told the students that this year’s Fire Prevention Week theme is “Not Every Hero Wears A Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape,” and she believes it effectively serves to educate the public about the vital importance of developing a home fire escape plan with all members of the household.

At the conclusion of reading the proclamation, the students clapped and members from the Grafton Fire Department thanked Barney for her continued support.


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