Mayor Peggy Barney proclaims burn week in Taylor County

GRAFTON—The City of Grafton, Grafton Fire Department and Taylor County Shriners Club have come together, to raise burn awareness for the citizens of Grafton and Taylor County.

On Friday night, Mayor Peggy Barney read and signed a proclamation, at the Grafton Fire Department, dedicating February 5-11 as Burn Awareness Week.

“The Shriners have been working with pediatric burn hospitals for many years with great success,” shared Barney. “We are here tonight to continue to draw awareness to this special cause.”

Barney said that she feels the Grafton Fire Department works diligently to promote fire safety and education.

“To have both organizations working together is a win-win for everyone,” she expressed.

Before the signing of the proclamation, the Grafton Fire Department kicked off the event with a coloring contest for children. Sparky the firedog was on hand, and the department had light refreshments for those who attended. Mary and Owen Phillips, owners of Somethin’ Country, donated items for a drawing.

“Anytime we can do something to help promote fire safety and fire education, we are more than happy to do it,” shared Grafton Fire Chief Dave Crimm. “We felt like this was an excellent way to draw attention to such an honorable cause.”

Barney said that she is amazed that the organizations were able to come together and get the event set up in only a week’s time.

“When Mayor Barney came to us and expressed she wanted to do something to draw awareness, we were excited to help,” explained Crimm.

According to the proclamation, hundreds of children die in home fires every year, and burns are a leading cause of injury-related fatalities among children.

Shriners International, who operate four pediatric bun hospitals, is teaming up with others across the nation to help bring recognition to the issue.

“I felt since we had a local Shriners chapter here, and our fire department is continuously promoting fire safety, it would be a great thing to get both organizations together to help spread the word,” said Barney. “I think this is a first for our community, and I’m just really excited about the happenings at the fire department.”

To kick off Burn Awareness Week, and to help spread fire and burn prevention education to the citizens of Grafton and Taylor County, Crimm would like to offer a couple fire safety tips.

“One way people can help prevent fires, is to follow safe cooking practices,” said Crimm.

He said individuals should never leave food unattended while it cooking, and children should always be supervised while using the stove or microwave.

In addition, he suggests that everyone should be prepared for a fire.

“Fires happen very quickly, and everyone should have a fire plan in place,” explained Crimm.

According to, in less than 30 seconds, a single flame can become a fire. In two minutes, it can become life-threatening, and in as little as five minutes, a residence can be destroyed.

“It doesn’t take long for things to become bad. I can’t stress enough how important it is that people have a plan in place in the event of a fire,” expressed Crimm.

The website suggests that families create an escape plan and practice it with children.

They further suggest that individuals learn at least two ways out of every room in the residence, and agree on a meeting place outside, that is a safe distance from the fire.

For more tips like these, visit, to learn how to take the appropriate precautions to protect yourself and your family.

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