Masons open in new location

BELINGTON—Skip and Cindy Mason and Mirage Sound have relocated to a new home among the hills.

If you are ever in Belington, WV, at the top of the mountain over Audra State Park, stop by and see if Skip and Cindy are in so that you can browse through their incredible music store that they have transported from downtown Grafton.

While there, be sure to pick up a copy of their newest CD “Hard Life”. It’s been described as a great CD full of some Mason favorites and original works. 

“We just love it up here,” says Cindy Mason.

Skip and Cindy are incredibly talented Grafton natives that have graced many a local stage for years.

The Masons split their year between Florida and Grafton, getting the best of the two states.

In the winter, they travel from gig to gig and beach to beach, enjoying some toe tappin’ in the sand.  In the summer, they head back home to West Virginia to play in the beautiful mountains.

Skip has been playing the acoustic guitar from a very early age. He says that he has been influenced by greats such as Hank Williams, The Allman Brothers and B.B. King.

Cindy fell in love with the upright bass and became the perfect accompaniment to Skip’s acoustic guitar and lead vocal. 

The two have traveled far and wide over the east coast honing their craft and putting their own Appalachian touch to their music. 

With Cindy playing her beloved bass “Momma” and Skip armed with his guitar and quick-witted humor, they put on a great show.

While Grafton is sorry not to have their eclectic, homey store downtown on Main Street, the Masons are still a fixture in Grafton when they are back in West Virginia. They are in town several times a year to provide sound for local shows, where you can count on their years of expertise and professionalism to put on the best show possible. 

Skip and Cindy have been good friends to Grafton and Taylor County over the years by helping the community in many different ways.

So please make sure to like and follow their Facebook page and try to catch some of their shows when they are back in the mountain state. You won’t be disappointed!


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