March coming in like a lion for law enforcement

GRAFTON—Authorities were called to the scene of a vehicle accident early Monday morning, and an individual is facing charges as a result.


Ralph Paul Lusk, 38, of Grafton, is being charged with misdemeanor Aggravated DUI and Obstructing an Officer.


A Grafton City Police Officer, as well as a Taylor County Sheriff’s deputy, the Grafton Fire Department and the Taylor County Emergency Medical Squad, was dispatched to the scene of a single-vehicle accident, on U.S. Route 119 North, shortly after 3:00 a.m.


According to a criminal complaint, when the officer arrived on scene, the truck was on the left-hand side of the roadway, on its side, and the driver, Lusk, was trapped inside the cab of the truck, with his legs out of the windshield.


The officer stated that while members of the fire department were working to extricate Lusk from the vehicle, he became angry and started to yell and curse. The officer went on to explain that after freeing Lusk from the vehicle, he noted the smell of alcohol on the defendant’s breath.


Lusk reportedly became angry when officers tried to talk to him, and he began yelling for his dog, which was later found wounded across the street.


The officer reported that he tried to talk to Lusk once again, and suggested having EMS treat his injuries, and he began walking toward the officer pointing and yelling in a belligerent manner. Lusk then tried to grab the officer, and threatened him.


Lusk allegedly continued to come toward the officer, after being told to stop. The officer sprayed Lusk with pepper spray, before he and the deputy wrestled the defendant to the ground.


After being detained, Lusk was taken, by EMS, to Grafton City Hospital to be treated for his injuries. The officer stated in his complaint, that Lusk continued to be uncooperative while at the hospital.


After being transported to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail, the officer was able to obtain a search warrant for Lusk’s medical records from the hospital. Those records showed Lusk’s blood alcohol content to be a .269 percent.


Lusk was arraigned on his charges Monday evening, and was released on bond.


In an unrelated case, Randi Virginia Thompson, 21, of Thornton, was charged with misdemeanor fleeing in a vehicle and reckless driving, on March 10.

According to a criminal complaint filed by an officer with the West Virginia State Police, Thompson failed to stop after the officer attempted to pull her over.


The officer stated in his complaint, that moments before he witnessed Thompson attempt to pass a vehicle in a no passing zone, with oncoming traffic, a BOLO was issued by Harrison-Taylor 911 dispatchers for a vehicle matching the one Thompson was driving.


Dispatchers advised that the vehicle was reportedly driving in a reckless manner. The officer stated that he attempted to pull over the truck, when Thompson accelerated rapidly. Thompson was forced to pull over, when she got stuck behind slower moving traffic and was unable to get around them.


Thompson was taken into custody and processed, before being transported to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail, where she is currently being held.


Terry Edwin Eskridge, 36, of Grafton, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor Domestic Assault, following an incident, on March 12.


According to a complaint filed by a Grafton City Police Officer, he was dispatched to a residence for a domestic dispute. Upon his arrival he spoke with Eskridge, while an officer with the West Virginia State Police questioned the victim.


Eskridge admitted to the officer, that things had become a little physical during a disagreement with his victim.


The victim in the case reported that she was arguing with Eskridge over the family vehicle, and she attempted to take the key out of the ignition. She then grabbed a cell phone, and when Eskridge attempted to grab the phone from her, he pulled some of her hair out.


According to the victim’s statement, Eskridge then threatened to punch her, which made her fear for her safety.


Eskridge was taken into custody, and was transported to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail, where he is being held on a $2,500 bond.

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