Maloley takes home title of Fittest Lady

GRAFTON— This year’s Fittest Lady Contest put females to the test in 10 grueling stages, and after all was said and done, Frederique Maloley walked away as this year’s champion.
The Fittest Lady Contest is designed to inspire everyone to work hard, become healthier by exercising and improving eating habits, while motivating the ladies to push to be the fittest of them all.
According to Tygart Valley Rehabilitation and Fitness Center Manager Ricky Williams, Morgan Griffith, who has held the title for the past two years, was unable to compete this year, leaving the field open a new winner.
“Our defending champion, Morgan, was unable to compete this year due to an injury,” he voiced. “So, I was very excited to crown a new Fittest Ladies Champion!”
After a month of competing, sweating, yelling and sometimes crying, the ladies awaited the results, and when the numbers were tallied, Maloley was victorious.
“Fred is a very well-rounded competitor,” expressed Williams. “It is very difficult to find a flaw in her when it comes to circuit training.”
He noted that Maloley’s strength is unmatched, she is versatile and transitions well from core-based strength events to aerobic challenges.
“With having her work either and self-drive, well, you get a first-place finisher,” Williams expressed. “Wow, is all that I can say!”
Maloley competed against 18 other ladies from Grafton and the surrounding area.
Among the top finishers were Grafton’s Rachel Rock, who brought home a second-place finish, and this year’s third-place competitor, Olivia Shaw.
“Rachel is fairly new to the intense circuit training, but she is doing a fabulous job,” said Williams. “She has great motivation, as well as being very strong and having an excellent aerobic capacity.”
He shared that when you combine all of those qualities together, it leads to a great competitor.
Shaw came into the competition with a hunger that Williams believes will excel her into a higher finish next year.
“Her strength is so impressive; she has zero quit in her,” Williams commented. “I look for her to place in the top two next year, or even become the champion.”
During the contest, female competitors are put to the test in 10 various events, and competitors fought for the fastest time in each event, with a staff member recording their times and completion, for their chance to be named fittest lady.
According to Williams, this year’s events were more challenging than that of last year.
Williams shared the competition was another great success, and that he was very impressed with all of the competitors.
“I would like to thank all of our participants. So much effort was put in by so many great competitors,” he imparted. “This was a great year, and everyone had so much fun! I am already looking forward to next year’s competition.”
He said it is his hope that Rock, Shaw, Maloley and Griffith will all come back together to make it the most competitive contest ever.



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