Main line break causes water woes for residents

Conserve water advisory issued to Taylor County

TAYLOR COUNTY—Residents were alerted to a main water line break at the Taylor County Public Service District’s (PSD) station.

It was reported by the PSD that the break was preventing the flow of water into the station, that would then be cleaned and pumped out to residents throughout the county.

Residents were asked to please be mindful of their water consumption and to conserve, when possible, until further notice.

The PSD cautioned that if the supply that was left in their tanks were to run out, an alternate water source would have to be utilized. At the time of the announcement, there was no known estimated time for restoral.

Authorities reported that should residents lose water, a boil water advisory would be in place once water service was restored.

Crews worked throughout the night and into the early morning areas to attempt to fix the busted line. Once repairs were made and workers attempted to re-pressurize the line, additional breaks occurred.

“We take great pride in what we do. There’s a lot that goes into the water industry that a lot of people don’t notice. We were up all night, some of up for 24 hours or more in an attempt to get this fixed before the problem could even be noticed,” explained Zachary Bryan, Class II Water Treatment Plant Operator. “Unfortunately, we cannot prevent an act of God. At this time, there is no health threat unless you run out of water, then we ask you to boil your water.”

It was reported that one of the breaks was in a line that is situated nearly 30 feet in the ground next to Tygart Dam.

As a solution to the issue, local officials report that pumps were being utilized to draw water from the river to filter through the station for residents to utilize. 

And while capacity was diminished to half, the PSD was able to send water to residences. Officials were asking residents to remain cautious of their water consumption, not using any unnecessary water, until they could fill their reserve tanks.

Taylor County PSD’s water treatment plant will continue to use pumps to obtain water for residents until the other leaks near the dam can be fixed.

And while news of a workaround is great, as of press time on Tuesday, the Taylor County PSD had not lifted the conservation advisory for residents of the county.

*Editor’s Note: While the water conservation advisory had not been lifted by press time on Tuesday, there is a possibility that the issue had been resolved since that time.


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