Local’s love of hometown spurs entry in renovation contest

GRAFTON–Grafton is officially a contender in HGTV’s Home Town Takeover contest, thanks to one local’s love for her hometown. 

Although Faith Martin Bordonaro currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio, she still considers Grafton home in her heart. 

In January, when the hosts of HGTV’s popular television series Home Town, Ben and Erin Naiper announced that they were launching a search to find a deserving small town to be overhauled in the show’s new adaptation, Home Town Takeover, Bordonaro knew that Grafton had to be a part of the running. 

For several weeks, Bordonaro worked with other residents who also share her love and pride for the town, on creating a video submission piece for the contest. 

Although her work has not been shared publicly, her parents, Darlene and Jeff Martin, recently presented the video to members of All Aboard Grafton (AAG). 

Throughout the presentation, Bordonaro drew in viewers with clips of the area’s beautiful landscape, the remarkable architecture of the buildings lining Main Street, shared pieces of Grafton’s unique history and also hinted to an exciting promise of what the town is still to become.

The video also featured interviews with local business owner Tom Hart, Grafton native Luke Shay, who is currently an active member of the Air Force based in Virginia and local Ashley Clark, who found her way back home after having much success operating a historic bed and breakfast in Washington D.C, and hopes to do the same in Grafton. 

“This makes me want to come here,” Hart expressed at the conclusion of the presentation. “We have a lot to be proud of here, but still a lot to work on, and Faith did an excellent job showcasing all of that with this video.” 

Many AAG members shared in Hart’s sentiments using words like “fantastic” and “splendid” to describe Bordonaro’s work. 

“This really makes you proud. To know that even those that no longer live here still care so much about the future of Grafton, is a very powerful feeling,” commented AAG member Mary Shuttlesworth.

The video was submitted earlier this month, and all submissions for the contest are currently under review, as the Naipers search among them for their finalist. 

The special six-episode event that will follow the pair as the rehab the selected town, is slated to air on HGTV in 2021.

“Renovating one house at a time is an awesome experience. But the chance to support an entire town, where we are helping bring a community back to life, that is something we’ve always wanted to try,” shared B. Naiper. 

We would like to extend many thanks to Bordonaro for her efforts and making it possible for Grafton to be in the running!


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