Local writer has screenplay picked up

GRAFTON—Grafton local Ryan Quinn is feeling pretty good these days since his screenplay, The Devil’s Diary got picked up by Canadian Director/Producer Manuel DaSilva. 

Quinn met DaSilva while posting his work on networkisa.org, a platform for writers of all levels to launch or elevate their screenwriting careers.

DaSilva had shown interest in a comedic screenplay Quinn had posted and asked him if he could write a horror screenplay.  After 30-40 days of writing, The Devil’s Diary was ready for DaSilva.

While giving a short synopsis of The Devil’s Diary, Quinn divulged, “David Oxley is a man trying to juggle his work and struggling family life when he gets the chance to decipher the Devil’s Diary.”

He further revealed that the screenplay has an ending built for a sequel. 

Quinn said that he wrote the screenplay to be filmed at the house of Jeff Davis in Kingston, Ontario.   

Davis has worked with DaSilva in the past and offered to do a video walkthrough of his large bungalow style residence to send to Quinn.  Davis will also be playing the part of Dr.Alrich in The Devil’s Diary. 

Quinn said that he has finished six screenplays in total but it was a struggle getting started. 

He reported that he spent hours watching webinars and using Final Draft Software 9 to learn the craft of screenwriting.  His hope is to share his knowledge with young people in Grafton that share the same interest.

Quinn said, “I started writing because I would rent all of these movies from Redbox and they were no good.  So, I started writing my own.”

While not set in Grafton, The Devil’s Diary is definitely a product of Grafton artists. 

Chelsea Boyd did the makeup for the cover/poster shoot, Chad Robinson was the model, and Corey Robinson of Lion’s Head Photography shot it. 

As for the actual Devil’s Diary that will be used, Ginger Renee Davis put it together and contributed art work, Eslem Kasraoui did the Arabic writing and a GHS student also contributed some artwork for it.  All of these folks are Grafton residents. 

Quinn says that anyone that has helped him with the project will be listed as Associate Producers. He himself has been busy skyping with the Director/Producer and potential camera crews, as well as working on financing with DaSilva. 

Quinn says that he hopes that financing and the final nuts and bolts will soon be in place so that the production can move forward.

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