Local Girl Scouts offering various ways to purchase famous cookies

GRAFTON—Do you need a little sweetness in your life? Well then, look no further. Girl Scout Troop 4158 has you covered.
Shortly before the nation came to a standstill in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Girl Scouts received their shipments of their famous, beloved cookies. Without the possibility of setting up their booths, the troops were left with their supplies.
Now, they are offering residents a couple of ways for to curb your cookie cravings and purchase the delicious delicacies.
“Unfortunately, we just received our cookies before this COVID outbreak, and we are needing to sell what we have so that we can pay counsel for them,” said Mendy Paugh, Troop 4158 Leader. “Although booth sales have been put on hold, individuals have some other options for purchasing cookies this year.”
Many Girl Scouts are offering their own personal sales sites, using the Digital Cookie platform, which is reportedly in it’s fourth year. Simply ask your favorite Girl Scout if she’s offering the program, and she can provide you with the steps to order online.
Additionally, Taylor County Girl Scout Troop 4158 is accepting cookie orders over the phone.
“Anyone wishing to buy cookies can call me at 301-325-0896, and I will make arrangements with them,” Paugh said.
Because the scouts are all about spreading positivity, Paugh revealed that they are currently selling cookies that will be donated to those working through the pandemic.
“If anyone would like to purchase cookies to donate to our first responders, healthcare workers, nursing homes or essential employees, they could send payment to me and I would make sure the cookies were delivered on their behalf.”
She said the deliveries would be complete with a card, noting who made the sweet donation.
In fact, the Girl Scouts of Black Diamond have launched an initiative across WV, Ohio, Maryland and Virginia to provide tasty treats to those on the front lines.
The initiative is relatively simple and in addition to calling in orders locally, individuals can log on to bit.ly/cookiebuyout to enter their information, including their donation amount. For example, a $500 donation would purchase 100 boxes of cookies that would be gifted to first responders and the like.
Purchasing Girl Scout Cookies not only puts a smile on your face, but it helps provide new, unique and amazing experiences for the girls of the troop.
The money collected during the annual cookie drive can be used as the troop sees it beneficial, whether it is to use toward community service projects or promoting programs for the girls, which will help to develop their goal setting, decision making, money management and people skills, in addition to teaching them business ethics.
With mouthwatering flavors like the buttery toffee filled Toffee-Tastics or their signature S’mores, there is a flavor for everyone.
This year, the organization is featuring a brand-new cookie, their uplifting, crispy lemon cookies, Lemon-Ups. Not only are they tasty, but their positive messages on each cookie will help to brighten your day.
So why not brighten your day, and those of the brave men and women on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic, and order Girl Scout cookies today.
“This is a crucial time to support Girl Scouts,” said Beth Casey, CEO of Girl Scouts of Black Diamond. “Our Girl Scouts have been working hard to reach their goals, and now they’re working on one more: Supporting the people on the front lines of providing health car to individuals. Please consider making a donation today to help us help them.”


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