Local five-year-old makes a heartfelt donation to his school and classmates

GRAFTON—Growing up in a small town, many children learn “small town values,” such as treating others as we want to be treated, helping out a friend or neighbor when they’re in need, or giving back to the community when you’re able to.

Dylan Stead, a five-year-old resident of Taylor County, has done just that. After winning a 50-inch television in an All Aboard Grafton raffle, held in January, he has decided to donate the television, rather than keeping it for himself.

After having his name drawn by Delegate Amy Summers, following a Town Hall meeting during the January First Friday events, Dylan decided he wanted to donate his winnings to his local elementary school.

“We asked Dylan what he wanted to do, and he told us he wanted to give the TV to Anna Jarvis,” shared Kevin Stead, Dylan’s father and Grafton’s City Manager.

Although his mother, Shelly Stead, is assistant principal at the school, Dylan said the idea was his own.

“I wanted to give it to my school,” explained Dylan. “To stand up for the kids in my school and be nice.”

According to school officials, the television will more than likely be placed in the cafeteria for all of the students to use and enjoy.

“I’m very proud of my five-year-old son,” shared Kevin Stead.

Way to go Dylan, and congratulations on your choice to donate the television to your school and classmates! Keep up the great work!

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