Local emergency services recognized on Patriot Day

GRAFTON—In honor and remembrance of those brave men and women who selflessly put their lives on the line during the heartbreaking terrorist attack of the World Trade Centers in New York City on September 11,2001, Grafton businesses did their part to show support to local first responders.

Recognizing Patriot Day, Advanced Auto employee Michael Thrush expressed his desire for the business to join him in carrying out an act of kindness by showing the Grafton Fire and Police Departments their support and appreciation.

Yesterday, Thrush, on behalf of the business, generously donated pizzas from Grafton Hometown Pizza, to the departments for a special lunch.

In addition, he along with co-worker Michelle Shaffer, also gifted each of the departments an Advanced Auto bucket filled with supplies they can used to wash their department’s vehicles with.

According to Thrush this is a gesture he has been performing since 2002.

“As a past fireman myself, I started delivering pizzas to local fire departments in 2002, always on September 11,” he shared.

This year, Thrush urged his employer to get involved in the act, as well.

“We just wanted to honor our emergency services for all they do and show that we (Advanced Auto) is not just a big company, but a company that cares about our community,” Thrush shared.

He went on to explain that with all of the negativity and unfortunate news the world is seeing today, that he felt it was necessary to spread a little love, kindness and positivity.

“Again, we really just want people to see that we care about our community and have nothing but respect and support for our men and women working within our local emergency service entities,” Thrush remarked. “It is time for some positivity in our community.”

He noted that he chose Hometown to purchase the pizzas from because he felt it was important to support a small town local business in the process.

“We need more kind gestures to one another on a daily basis, and what better day to do it on than a day that should never be forgotten,” voiced Thrush.

Thrush and Advanced Auto weren’t the only ones to acknowledge local first responders. First Community Bank, in Grafton, also recognized local emergency services on Patriot Day, thanking them with a tray of sweet treats.

“September 11, 2001 was a day that affected us all and we will forever remember the our follow brothers and sisters,” expressed Grafton Fire Department’s Deputy Fire Chief Ryan Roberts. “We appreciate these acts of kindness more than we could ever express. We value our community just the same as they value us.”


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