Local duo inducted into Hall of Fame

GRAFTON—George and Marjorie McCauley shared a love for one another that could not be matched, as well as an affection for fast cars, earning the husband and wife team a spot in history as part of the Eldora Raceway Hall of Fame.

After marrying in May of 1952, the duo spent their free time burning up the blacktop street racing their way through the area.

“We wanted to be winners, so we took out ’58 Fairlane to Holman and Moody for a tune up,” Marjorie recalled. “We were going fast. Street racing was good and we had the fastest car around.”

Marjorie shared that the due began racing all around at local race tracks.

“We won a lot of races and were the ones to beat,” she reminisced. “Most of the time, they didn’t let the women run, but I got a trophy or two.”

Marjorie shared that one of their fondest memories was of an instance where she beat out a man for the win.

“The story that George would always tell on me was at Last Rug Drag Strip,” she told. “A guy from Fairmont beat Geo in a run and when he came back from the run, I asked why he let the other guy win.”

She shared that George stammered around searching for an answer before he claimed the other driver had a better car.

“I disagreed, and George told me that if I thought I could do better, to have at it,” Marjorie said with a smile.

After some coaxing, Marjorie was able to talk the other driver into a race, her first drag race, and was able to beat him.

“What a day it was,” she expressed.

Although the McCauley’s chose Fords as their racing car of choice, they made a living for themselves in a Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge car dealership.

During their 28 years at the dealership, the McCauley’s were able to sponsor a local boy to race, helping to foster a love for the sport. For 25 years, they were happy to able to back Wild Bill Collett’s West Virginia Hillbilly Hemi Barracuda.

“It was a great time for cars during this time,” Marjorie shared.

Both Marjorie and George retired in 1966, but because they were such car lovers and true drag racers, they continued to keep up with NASCAR, NHRA, AHRA and IHRA.

In 2016, the husband and wife team earned a coveted spot in the West Virginia Drag Racers Hall of Fame.

Recently, on Saturday, September 8, George and Marjorie were once again bestowed an honor, as they were inducted into the Eldora Raceway Drag Racers Hall of Fame for their contribution to the sport.

The couple was part of a group of ten inductees chosen from previous hall of famers.

The McCauley’s are part of the sixth induction class for the Hall of Fame, with the group getting their start in 2012. Each inductee received a plaque for their honor.


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