Local Chiropractor welcomes new physician to practice at his office

GRAFTON—Dr. Clifford Bickerton’s Chiropractor office welcomes Chris Darlington to the staff and the community.

Darlington, who is originally from Weston, WV, said, “I decided to come to Grafton because I saw a need in the community.”

He added that he plans to move to Taylor county soon.

“I like Grafton, it has a really good feel to it, and it is a nice small town,” expressed Darlington.

Darlington received a Doctor of Chiropractic, last September from Palmer College of Chiropractic’s in Florida. He graduated from West Virginia University in 2013, where he received a Bachelor of Science Exercise Physiology.

Darlington shared, he decided to become a chiropractor when he fell and hurt his back, and needed help from a chiropractor.

“It was the only thing that helped me get better, and I wanted to help others,” said Darlington. “I am happy to be here and help the community with any chiropractic needs they have.”

Dr. Clifford Bickerton shared, he has been a chiropractor for 40 years. “One day I will retire and needed someone to be here to serve the community,” he explained.

“We service patients in Preston and Barbour county also. I want to make sure those patients, and the patients in Taylor County, do not have to commute long to get the services they need,” added Bickerton.

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