Local boys stay committed to football despite not having a Taylor County team

GRAFTON—Unfortunately Taylor County Youth Football was unable to field a Midget team this year due to a lack of participation, forcing those who didn’t want to sit out for an entire season to play out of county. 

The boys found themselves in uncharted territory, as they played with strangers that by the end of the season would be like family. 

The roster of the Midget football program is typically hard to field due to the age requirements. Some boys who can play on the Midget team opt to stay down and play at the pee-wee level one last year or they can jump a level and begin their Middle School careers so long as they are in the sixth grade, which leaves the Midget program having to scramble for available boys to fill the roster prior to the season start. 

This year, four boys would leave the comfort of home and take their talents to neighboring counties to play to keep their skills sharp for next years leap to middle school. 

Rondo Koontz, Luke Knotts and Ian Glaspell would travel to Preston County and become Preston County United Knights with head coach Chad Chambers and assistant head coach Rick Glaspell along with Ronnie Koontz and Mark Knotts rounding out the coaching staff. 

“Preston County really made us feel welcome, our boys got to continue to hone their skills up and made some new friends along the way. The parents and boosters of Preston County really went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and supplied us with anything we needed to have a successful season. I am extremely proud of these boys. They played with heart and as a coach that’s all I could ask for. I’m just glad that these kids had somewhere to play,” stated Glaspell. 

Jasper Wolford would take his talents to Shinnston in Harrison County and become a Cougar Cub with Johnny Evans as head coach, Cody Glaspell, Roger Glaspell and Justin Wolford taking up the assistant coaches’ role. 

“I was so glad that Jasper was a part of our team this year. This was the first time in six years that we were able to field a Midget team and the first time in our programs history that we made the playoffs. Jasper came in and started for us at outside linebacker on defense and tight end on offense. We had a deep roster of receivers this year due to our quarterback passing prowess and he was consistent target on offense,” Evans. 

We would like to thank the parents and programs of Preston and Harrison County (Shinnston) for making our Taylor County boys feel welcome and each of these boys are looking forward to making their Taylor County Middle School Knights debut next season. 

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