Learn to create unique, visually stunning works of fluid art

GRAFTON—Are you looking for a way to be more creative? Well then look no further! One local artist will be offering classes to help individuals tap into their creative side.

Join Beckie Stanevich and immerse yourself in the world of fluid art.

Fluid art, also known as liquid art or acrylic pouring, is a satisfying way to create unique abstract masterpieces, with the help of gravity and some proper technique.

This form of abstract art uses acrylic paints with a runny consistency to create intoxicating paintings. 

Various paint colors of varying consistencies are poured into a cup and then spilled onto a canvas, creating interesting and visually stunning reactions, making each work of art different from the next.

In some cases, powdered pigments, such as golds and silvers, are added into the mix to provide even more depth and visual appeal.

Thanks to different ways to combine the paints there are endless ways to create your very own, one of kind piece of art.

With Stanevich’s Acrylic-Fluid Art classes, you’ll do just that!

“During your first class, you will create four beautiful coasters,” she revealed.

And while classes are already underway, there are still two opportunities for individuals to get in on the creative fun. The next workshop will be held on Thursday, June 23 and a final June class will be offered the following Thursday, June 30.

The classes will be held in downtown Grafton’s artisan hub, Arts and Treasures.

For just $20, participants will learn how to master the technique of fluid art. The registration fee includes all supplies needed, along with tips and techniques to aid in creating your coasters.

To register or for more information, please contact Stanevich via phone at 304-265-4375.


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