Lady Knights hopeful to pick up where they left off

PRUNTYTOWN — The Taylor County Middle School (TCMS)  Lady Knights basketball team began their regular season in October, but with the recent cancellation from West Virginia Governor Jim Justice the winter sports programs in the state have been put on ice until January 11.

I recently spoke with head coach Bobby Beltner about his prospects this season and his attempts to create a lasting and winning program in the county. He spoke at length about what he sees in this year’s squad.

“I liked where we were when the governor shut us down. We were making progress on our conditioning, and getting some things installed. We had improved a lot in those two weeks.  I just hope we get a chance to play at some point this season,” shared Beltner.

Coach Beltner is completely revamping the program at TCMS. He is trying to create an atmosphere of involvement with the community at large along with driving the girls he coaches, as well as the team parents to a newfound enthusiasm for the program.

“The first step is to get kids interested, and to sell our program. In the two weeks we were able to practice, we have ordered new equipment, new uniforms, started to upgrade the locker room and have some other exciting projects in the works,” stated coach Beltner.

He wants the girls to remain active during this lapse in play.

“Stay active! You don’t have to be in a gym to get ready for the re-start of the season.   It will be easy to tell who continued to work, and who did nothing when we get this thing started back up,” exclaimed Beltner.

Coach Beltner and staff would like to invite the community to get involved and help build this program into a powerhouse.

“Once we get this COVID thing behind us, the best way to help our program is to support our program. This can be done by coming out and watching our girls play and by participating in our fundraisers. There are some exciting things we plan on bringing to the program, but everything costs money, so fundraising will be important,” he noted.

The TCMS Lady Knights hope to continue their season once the Governors ban is lifted.


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