Lady Cats retain perfect record

GRAFTON—Despite a slow start to the first inning, the Lady Bearcats softball team yielded a victorious streak against two formidable opponents.

Grafton would first take to their home diamond to matchup against Berkeley Springs on Saturday.

Starting the first inning with Sophomore Kaileigh Spiker striking out on swings, the team knew earning the win wouldn’t come easily.

For the remainder of the opening inning  Abigail Wyer, second at bat, connected for a grounder, and was followed by Frederique Maloley who sung for a double. Rounding out the first bit of action was senior Aubree Collins who also hit a ground ball.

To start the second inning junior Amber Smith was walked to first base on balls, but never had the chance to advance home as the next two Bearcat batters, Gracen Purkey and Olivia Shaver would strike out.

While the third also was a Lady Cat strikeout, the girls were beginning to find their drive and connected for two hits at the hands of Spiker and Wyer.

The third inning would see Grafton’s luck change as Maloley hit for a single, followed by Collins with another grounder.

The Lady Bearcats first run came from Amber Smith, who took to the plate hitting a single, as teammate Purkey followed her single with a double. Smith who had stolen third, drove home on Purkey’s hit putting Grafton on the score board late in the third.

Jordan Niggemyer also put up a run for the Cats in the top of the fifth. Spiker also claimed a run during the inning, and Maloley knocked a triple, putting Grafton ahead of Berekley Springs 3-0.

Sensing the possibility of a shutout, Berkeley Springs turned up the heat and went for back-to-back runs in the sixth.

However, this wouldn’t be enough to overpower the Cats, as the arm of Grafton pitcher, Maloley was well prepared for the contest and would strike out 13 opponents by the end of play, greatly contributing to the Lady Bearcats’ 3-2 win.

Then, to start the week, the team traveled south to Elkins, and had another all-star performance, demolishing the Tigers 9-1.

This matchup would also get off to a slow start, seeing Spiker as the first up to bat hitting a ground ball to first base, followed by a strike out by Smith and a grounder to third by Maloley.

The rest of the contest would see Grafton own the diamond, as Collins began offense for the Cats in the second inning walking on balls, but stealing her way home with the assist of a hit by Niggemyer.

In the third inning alone, the Lady Cats drove in six runs from Spiker, Smith, Maloley, Collins, Purkey and Ashlyn Zbosnik, meanwhile, the Tigers were only able to bring one runner home, bringing the score to 7-1.

Maloley was once again the winning pitcher for the night, giving up just one run of four hits throughout the span of five innings, striking out ten batters and not walking a single hitter.

Scoring the final two runs for the Lady Cats were Spiker and Smith in the fourth.

Niggemyer knocked down a single in the fourth inning and Collins recorded an RBI, and also led the team with three of Grafton’s nine stolen bases.



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