Lady Bearcats see record-breaking performance against Notre Dame

GRAFTON—The GHS Lady Bearcats volleyball team had a very busy week playing in five different matchups this week. The Lady Bearcats would win three out of the five games. 

On September 21, the Lady Bearcats would travel to Norte Dame in Clarksburg where something special would take place. 

JV Lady Bearcats took the floor to receive the volley from Notre Dame. Notre Dame would score three points before finally being returned to the Lady Bearcats for their chance to score. 

JV Lady Bearcat standout Sierra Persinger would take the first serve and go on to serve twenty-four straight points for the JV Lady Bearcats from behind the server’s line. 

This feat is made all the more outstanding considering that Notre Dame tried utilizing timeouts to “freeze” her out and get her out of rhythm, but Persinger powered through and had a record-breaking night for the JV Lady Bearcats. 

The JV Lady Bearcats would go on to win the match 2-0. 

The Varsity would also go on to win 3-0. 

Individual Stats: Harrison: 2 kills, 1 block, 1 ace. Shreve: 3 aces, 10 kills. Taylor: 10 aces, 4 kills. Wellman: 5 aces, 5 kills, 1 block. Friend: 22 assists, 1 ace. Nicholsin: 1 kill. Harbison: 2 kills, 2 blocks. Hall: 1 ace. 

09/15 – GHS vs Lincoln, GHS wins 2-0. 

Individual Stats: Harrison: 5 assists, 1 block, 1 ace. Shreve: 5 assist, 10 kills, 1 block. Taylor: 5 assists, 3 kills. Wellman: 6 kills. Friend: 16 assists, 1 ace. Nicholson: 1 kill. 

09/15 – GHS vs Phillip Barbour, PB wins 0-2. 

Individual Stats: Harrison: 1 block. Shreve: 5 kills, 1 block. Taylor: 1 block. 

09/16 – GHS vs Berkley Springs, GHS wins 3-0

Individual Stats: Harrison: 3 kills, 1 block, 1 ace. Shreve: 4 blocks, 12 kills. Taylor: 5 aces, 7 kills. Wellman: 5 aces, 6 kills. Friend: 19 assists. Hall: 3 aces. 



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