Lady Bearcats in preseason action against Gilmer

GILMER COUNTY— On Wednesday, the Lady Bearcats Basketball program traveled to Gilmer County to participate in a preseason scrimmage. 

This was an opportunity that allowed the coaching staff to see what areas may need to become focal points in upcoming practices in order to have the team ready for their season opener. The preseason contest also gave the Lady Cats, especially the newcomers, a taste of high school level competition. 

“It was a good scrimmage for us to participate in. Gilmer County has a great team and will have a chance to make the state tournament for single A,” voiced Lady Bearcat Head Coach Andrew Moore. 

According to Moore, the tough Gilmer County ladies put on the half court pressure, causing his team to struggle with their offensive sets at first. 

However, the strong-willed Lady Bearcats calmed and settled into things, not cracking under the pressure, but learning ways to work around it. This allowed Grafton to run their offense and gets things going a little bit. 

On the defensive end, the quickness of the Lady Titians caused some troubled for the Lady Bearcats, as Moore noted that his team was a little slow to the ball defensively. 

The speed of the Lady Titians also interrupted the Lady Bearcats’ man to man defensive, as Gilmer was able to run ahead on the drive. 

Grafton would combat this by changing up with defense strategy, going from man to man to a zone defense. 

“Our zone defense was decent, and we were able to get some stops,” Moore noted. “Overall, it wasn’t our best performance but that’s why you have scrimmages to see which areas we still need to focus in on.” 

The Lady Cats will host a home scrimmage against Walkersville, MD on Saturday, November 27, with tip slated for 1:30 p.m., before opening their regular season play on the road at Shady Springs High School, Friday, December 3. 

*For this contest score was not kept, and stats were not recorded. Stats will be included throughout the season by availability. 

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