Lady Bearcats go 2-2 on the week with victories over University and North Marion

GRAFTON— The Lady Bearcat soccer team faced a week of intense play, finding both success and heartbreak at the buzzer, with the varsity group splitting their last four games, 2-2. 

Grafton started the week in a contest against a physical Philip-Barbour team, who handed them a 7-2 loss. 

The Lady Bearcats also fell to the Fairmont Senior High School Lady Polar Bears. While Grafton did fare a little better in this contest, managing to go into the half tied 1-1, they were unable to pull out the win and took the loss with a final score of 2-1. 

“We did not play well in those games,” commented coach Lorraine Isner. “We could not find a good rhythm to our game.” 

Isner continued by saying, “The girls played hard and kept after it, but we struggled to keep possession.” 

Faced with constant pressure brought on by these two fierce competitors, the Lady Bearcats found it difficult to unlock the mental stamina that is needed to be able to fight through and regain the momentum. 

“This is where we struggle as a team,” Isner shared.

Despite the losses, the Lady Bearcats did see victory over the week, playing solid against University High School. 

With the contest tied 1-1 at the half time break, Grafton came out determined to win and began attacking and creating scoring opportunities, which carried the Lady Bearcats to the 3-2 victory. 

The JV squad also saw success on the field against University, dominating the game and winning the matchup 1-0. 

Rounding out their busy week, the Lady Bearcats took on North Marion on their home turf and turned out another good win. 

“With the lead at halftime, we were able to hold our composure, played smart, made good tactical decision, played good, solid team defending and did not give up any shots in the second half,” noted Isner. 

The Lady Bearcats now hope to cap off their week with another win as they travel to Huntington today to take on Saint Joseph Central at 1:00 p.m. 

Game Stats:

v. Philip Barbour stats: Half: 2-0, Lost: 2-0, SOG/shots: 4-8, Saves: 17, PB SOG/shots 24-33, Saves:2

v. University stats: Half 1-1, Won 3-2, SOG/shots: 14-19, Assists: 2, saves: 7, Univ SOG/shots: 9-16, Assists: 1, Saves: 11

JV v. University stats: Won 1-0; played a 30 min half, SOG/shots: 6-15, Assist: 1, Saves: 0

v. Fairmont Senior: Half 1-1, Lost 2-1, SOG/shots: 5-10m Assists: 1, Saves: 6, FSHS SOG/shots: 8-15, Assists: 1, Saves: 4

v. North Marion: Half 1-0, Won 1-0, SOG/shots: 8-18, Assist: 1, Saves: 3, NM SOG/shots: 3-4, Saves: 7

Individual stats for all four varsity games:
#18 Hadley Horne:
3 goals, 3 assists, 12-23 shots, 3 steals, 1 foul, #6 MacKenzie Hunter:
2 goals, 5-7 shots, 2 intercepts, 1 foul. #12 Payden Morris: 1 goal, 4-7 shots, 1 steal, 2 intercepts, 3 fouls, #7 Jennah Charlton: 1 goal, 1-1 shots, #20 Addie Tucker: 1 assist, 6-10 shots, 5 steals, #21 Mara Griffith: 2-2 shots, 3 steals, 1 intercept, 1 foul, #13 Brenna Wilson: 0-1 shots, 6 steals, 3 intercepts, 1 foul, #17 Lillie Singleton: 0-1 shots, 1 steal, 1 intercept, 2 fouls, #2 Abigail Stewart: 2 steals, #5 Madison Mayle: 1 steal, 1 intercept, 2 defensive saves, #8 Mattie Flohr: 2 intercepts, 1 defensive save, #9 Claire McCarthy: 1 steal, #10 Kelly Grass: 5 intercepts #11 Riley Countryman: 0-1 shots, #14 Emma Fridley: 1 steal, 3 intercepts, #19 McKenzie Flohr: 0-1 shots, 1 steal, #26 Izzy Carroll: 2 intercepts, #34 Macy Johnson: 2 steals
Goal Tending:
#00 Nicole Giles:
280 minutes, 6 Goals Against, 28 SOG, 22 saves, #99 Regan Knight: 40 minutes, 5 Goals Against, 16 SOG, 8 saves (3 defender saves)

JV stats v. University
#4 Harmonie Schroeder:1 goal, 1-2 shots, #7 Jennah Charlton: 2-6 shots, 1 assist, 1 corner, #11 Riley Countryman: 2-4 shots, 1 foul, #9 Claire McCarthy: 1-2 shots, #17 Lillie Singleton: 0-1 shots, 2 corners, #22 Violet Rubenstein: 1 steal
Goal tending:
#99 Regan Knight: 30 minutes, 0 Goals Against, 0 SOG, 0 saves.

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