Lady Bearcat soccer winning streak ends with Morgantown

GRAFTON— The Lady Bearcat soccer team continued their winning streak, claiming their third straight shutout win when they met up with Preston County at home on Saturday. 

Grafton played a solid game taking a 3-0 lead before halftime and holding strong to carry the score to the final buzzer. 

“It was a clean sheet for the keepers.  Nicole Giles in the goal for the first half and Regan Knight in the second.  Zero shots on goal and zero saves.  Regan saw one shot, but it was high and wide,” Head Coach Lorraine Isner shared. 

The Lady Bearcats got things started with 34:54 on the clock, when Grafton’s Payden Morris sent a precise pass to MacKenize Hunter. Hunter executed the play and finished it out with an attack on the left side. 

Addie Tucker kept things going for the Lady Bearcats, widening the lead with a score of her own, just four minutes after the initial Grafton goal. 

 “Addie scored after the keeper mishandled the save. She was alert to clean it up,” Isner boasted.

Grafton’s third goal would come late in the first half, when forward Claire McCarthy was able to create space in the midfield and delivered a long-range shot. The shot hit the underside of the crossbar, before dropping in across the goal line. 

Unfortunately for the Lady Bearcats, their winning streak came to an end when they hit the turf against a talented Morgantown group. 

Morgantown High School girls’ soccer team is currently one of the best programs in the AAA division, sitting at #7 in the state with a record of 14-3-1. 

Despite Morgantown’s winning reputation, the Lady Bearcats held their own, staying in the game, falling by only a final score of 1-0. 

Morgantown’s lone goal was scored in the first half with less than 10 minutes remaining in the opening minutes of action, and from there, Grafton was able to shut down any offensive efforts given by the Lady Mohigans. 

“Shutting them down in the second half was huge, with their nine shots in the first half and seven on frame,” noted Isner. “Nicole did a great job making saves, and our defending shored things up to keep us in it.” 

Morgantown would take seven shots in the second, with only two on the frames, and the Lady Bearcats refusing to give up any corners. 

Although Grafton suffered the loss, the Lady Bearcats put up a solid defensive fight. The forwards and midfielders worked hard to close gaps and passing lanes and put the pressure on to keep things close. 

“We are playing well and doing some really good things individually and as a team,” voiced Isner. Lady Bearcat stats vs. Preston:
3 goals, 1 assist, 8 SOG, 21 shots, 5 steals, 7 intercepts, 0 saves, 3 fouls, 4 corners 

Individual player stats vs. Preston:
#5 Madison Mayle: 1 steal, 1 intercept , #6 MacKenzie Hunter: 1 goal, 1 SOG, 1 shot, 1 steal, #7 Jennah Charlton: 3 SOG, 3 shots, #9 Claire McCarthy: 1 goal, 2 SOG, 3 shots, #10 Kelly Grass: 1 intercept, #12 Payden Morris: 1 assist, 1 shot, #13 Brenna Wilson: 2 steals, 2 intercepts , #14 Emma Fridley: 1 intercept , #17 Lillie Singleton: 3 shots, 1 steal, #18 Hadley Horne: 1 shot, 3 fouls, #20 Addie Tucker: 1 goal, 1 SOG, 3 shots, #21 Mara Griffith: 1 shot, #23 Elizabeth Uhl: 1 SOG, 3 shots, 1 intercept , #25 Aaliyah Poling: 1 shot, #34 Macy Johnson: 1 intercept , #35 Melissa McIntire: 1 shot

Lady Bearcat stats vs. Morgantown: 2 SOG, 2 shots, 9 saves, 17 steals, 15 intercepts, 6 fouls, 1 corner

Individual player stats vs. Morgantown:
#5 Madison Mayle: 4 steals, 1 intercept , #10 Kelly Grass: 1 steal, 3 intercepts , # Riley Countryman: 1 foul, #12 Payden Morris: 1 SOG, 1 shot, 3 steals, 2 intercepts , #13 Brenna Wilson: 2 steals, 2 intercepts , #14 Emma Fridley: 1 intercept , #17 Lillie Singleton: 1 steal, #18 Hadley Horne: 1 SOG, 2 shots, 3 steals, 1 intercept, 2 fouls, #19 McKenzie Flohr: 2 intercepts , #21 Mara Griffith: 1 steal, 1 intercept, 1 foul, #23 Elizabeth Uhl: 2 steals, 1 intercept, 2 fouls, #34 Macy Johnson: 1 intercept 
Keeper Nicole Giles: 80 min, 16 shots, 10 SOG, 1 GA, 9 saves


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