Knotts faces jail sanction for alternative sentence violations

Sean Truman Knotts

TAYLOR COUNTY—Another Taylor County offender was sanctioned after failing to adhere to the terms of his alternative sentence.

Sean Truman Knotts entered into a negotiated plea agreement with the State of West Virginia in which he agreed to plead guilty to possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver in August 2021.

As part of the deal, Knotts’s sentence was suspended, and he was allowed to serve an alternative sentence on the Taylor County Community Corrections Program.

Director Tammy Narog told the court that Knotts was permitted to enter into the Recovery Ridge Treatment Facility shortly after his placement on the program, however he did not go. 

He was permitted to enter the program a little over a week later, on August 16, but still failed to check in, resulting in a revocation of supervision for noncompliance.

Knotts’s sentence was then reinstated on September 7, and on October 19, he was released once more to attend the drug treatment program at Recovery Ridge. This time not only did the defendant attend the program, he successfully completed it on December 14.

Upon his completion, Knotts was transported to the Safe Haven Sober Living Program in Charleston. However, his drug addiction would get the better of him and a report was submitted in May that reported multiple positive drug screens.

Because of his continued drug use, a revocation was recently held in Taylor County Circuit Court, and during the hearing, the Honorable Shawn D. Nines, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge, addressed the issue.

On behalf of Knotts, Defense Attorney Tyler Reseter informed the court that his client wished to admit to the allegations presented in the report, sharing that his drug addiction was strong. 

He petitioned the court for his client to be placed back onto the Taylor County Community Corrections Program to undergo further treatment.

Knotts told the court that it was his desire to face his addiction head on, and that he would like to attend a long-term drug rehabilitation program. 

Narog voiced that with a structured program, Knotts could see success.

Because the court was concerned for the safety of the defendant, Judge Nines found that Knotts was not a candidate for alternative sentencing at the time of the hearing.

He ordered that because of the violations, Knotts would undergo a 60-day sanction in jail. Nines further ordered that if the defendant could secure a bed in a long-term, structured program, the court would consider his release to address his drug addiction.


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