Knotts and Tucker chosen to perform in elite choir

GRAFTON—Jensen Tucker and Audra Knotts, seniors at Grafton High School, spent this past weekend at the West Virginia All-State Choir Festival in Charleston, WV.

This special event is held every year at the Annual WVMEA Music Teachers Conference, and is a place where young, talented musicians can gather and perform with other students throughout the state.

Only the best-of-the-best get chosen for all-state choir, and each students goes through a rigorous audition process to get there. The 251-member choir rehearsed over 12 hours in only two days, and performed a concert on Saturday.

“The best part of all-state is getting together with other singers, like me, and performing together. I’ve been able to make a lot of friends over the last 3 years of being at all-state” said Jensen Tucker.

Audra Knotts says her favorite thing about all-state is, “meeting new friends and being able to perform together with people who love music as much as I do.”

Christopher Dickey, Director of the Grafton High School Entertainers and Choral program said, “All-state is a great opportunity for students to gage their performance against others in the state. Performing with like-minded musicians greatly enhances their ability to make quality music.

“They are also afforded the opportunity to connect with other musicians their age and caliber and make friends from across the state that they may not have made otherwise.”

Dickey continued, “The all-state audition process is very rigorous. Students must learn the concert repertoire exactly to the score, then sing it before a panel of judges from across the state. This year, they auditioned at East Fairmont High School.”

This was Audra’s second year to participate in all-state and Jensen’s third year.

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