Knights win overall at Liberty

CLARKSBURG— Faced with less than desirable conditions, as the rain and wind challenged the Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) track team just as much as their opponents during their recent meet at Liberty High School, the team still managed to walk away victorious.

The Mountaineer “Monsoon” Middle School Meet boasted some of the best competitors in the area, but despite their tough competition and the disagreeable weather TCMS rose to the challenges that were laid before them and had a very respectable showing.

Both the Lady Knights and Knights ran over the competition, dominating the meet and securing first and second-place overall finishes.

“Although the weather was unpleasant, the kids were a delight. They gave 100 percent and delivered a stellar performance,” head coach Jennifer Summers remarked.

The Lady Knights were led by Hadley Horne, who earned her team 25.5 points, as she placed first in the 400 meter dash, took second in the 100 meter, claimed third in the long jump and anchored the 4X100 relay team to earn third place in the event.

Anna Harbison tallied 23.5 points for TCMS, while Kevie Sipes brought in 18.5, Jennah Charlton earned 18 with her third-place finish in the high jump and Leah Knotts recorded 16.5.

As a team, the ladies earned a total of five first-place finishes and seven second-place finishes, leading them to a score of 155, and placing them above the rest of the competition to win first-place overall at the meet.

The boys came in just behind the girls with an overall score of 102, enough to secure the second-place overall finish.

The Knights were led in points by MJ Niggemyer, who totaled 30.5 on the day.

Niggemyer assisted his team with  first-place finishes in the 1600 meter run and the 800 meter. He also took second in the long jump event.

Following Niggemyer, Knight Jaxson Hall earned 20.5 points and took first-place in the high jump.

Contributing 18.5 points to his team’s total, Javin Summers completed the 100 meter hurdles in just 19.60, earning him second-place. He also overcame his competitors to take second in the 200 meter hurdles, as well.

The Knights earned a total of six first-place finishes at Liberty, another of which came from the 4X200 relay team of Andrew Collins, Braydon Weaver, Landon Hodges and Aaron Sayers.

Individual Event Results: 

3200 meter run: Leah Knotts- 2nd place, 13:56.53, Owen Shreve- 6th place, 13:24.46

400 meter dash: Hadley Horne- 1st place, 1:05.18, Tyler Clemm-6th place, 1:12.91

4X800 relay: Bailey Weaver, Sofia Brake, Leah Knotts, Kevie Sipes- 1st place, 12:44.17

100 meter: Hadley Horne-2nd place, 14.47, Jaxson Hall-4th place, 13.40

100 hurdles: Anna Harbison-1st place, 18.79, Jennah Charlton- 2nd place, 19.98, Carly Vandergrift-3rd place, 21.23, Javin Summers- 2nd place, 19.60

4X200 relay: Andrew Collins, Braydon Weaver, Landon Hodges, Aaron Sayers-1st place, 2:01.35

1600 meter run: Cheynenne Duncan-Beverly- 5th place, 7:27.27, Kevie Sipes- 2nd plae, 6:39.13, Leah Knotts-3rd place, 6:52.51, MJ Niggemyer-1st place, 5:43.27

200 hurdles: Carley Vandergrift-5th place, 38.34, Sofia Brake- 6th place, 40.46, Javin Summers- 2nd place, 34.00, Brayden Weaver-3rd place, 34.84

4X100 relay: Madelyn Lynch, Jennah Charlton, Anna Harbison, Hadley Horne- 3rd place, 1:00.88, MJ Niggemyer, Aaron Sayers, Landon Hodges, Jaxson Hall- 1st place, 56.74

800 meter: Kevie Sipes-2nd place, 3:05.15, Riley Countryman-1st place, 3:02.00, Cheyenne Duncan-Beverly- 5th place, 3:24.20, MJ Niggemyer-1st place, 2:31.40

200 meter: Anna Harbison-4th place, 31.13, Jaxson Hall- 4th place, 28.11

Shuttle hurdle relay: Carly Vandergrift, Lucky Jones, Madelyn Lynch, Jennah Charlton-1st place, 51.41, Aaron Sayers, Andrew Collins. Brayden Weaver, Javin Summers- 1st place, 47.81

4X400 relay: Sage Seargent, Cheyenne Duncan-Beverly, Keilie Haddix, Savannah Workman- 2nd place, 5:49.42

High Jump: Anna Harbison- 2nd place, 4-6, Jennah Charlton- 3rd place, 4-0, Jaxson Hall-1st place, 4-2

Long jump: Hadley Horne- 3rd place, 11-11.5, Sofia Brake-5th place, 11-3.0, MJ Niggemyer-2nd place, 15-2.0

Shot put: Aubrey Roy- 4th place, 24-2

Disc: Markiah Guthrie- 5th place, 43-0, Andrew Collins-5th place, 67-2.0


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