Knights take on two, team sees preseason success in Cameron

#7 Jaxson Hall runs the ball up the field with blockers nearby.

CAMERON— The Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) Knights football team made the long haul to Cameron High School on Wednesday for a preseason scrimmage that would prove to be a success for the program. 

The Knights got things started taking on Moundsville Middle, and while scores were not kept, TCMS was quick to find the endzone, as #2 Cole Runner was able to break away from defenders and run one in. 

Following the touchdown, Knight Jaxson Hall punched in the extra point attempt for TCMS. 

The Knights would continue to have success driving, running and passing the ball with a second touchdown claimed by Hall. 

Kaden Keener busted through Moundsville’s defensive efforts and found the endzone on the extra point attempt, following the drive. 

The Knight defensive also put on a good showing, only allowing Moundsville to enter the endzone once in the house of play and kept them out of the red zone for the rest of the contest. 

Once the matchup had concluded, TCMS took on Cameron Middle School, once again dominating the field. 

The action between the two only lasted 15 minutes, as the Cameron team decided to forfeit play, but not before Keener rushed the ball about 40-yards placing the Knights within the red zone and setting them up for another TD. 

“I was very pleased at how well we played,” commented Head Coach Bobby Beltner. “Given the long trip and the heat, I was a little worried, but the kids played pretty flawlessly.” 

With a successful trip and scrimmages now under their belt, the Knights are confident and ready to get their season underway. However, the team has run into a few hurdles. 

According to Beltner, the team has a couple of players who have unfortunately been benched for the season due to injuries. 

“We will make necessary adjustments and be ready to go on September 1,” said Beltner. 

Although, who the Knights will open their season against remains up in the air. 

The team was set to take on East Fairmont on Wednesday, September 1, at home, but due to COVID related issues, the East Fairmont team has since canceled the opening contest. 

Determined to see his team be able to take to the field for a season they deserve, Beltner revealed that he has put in several calls to other teams in hopes of finding an alternative opponent. 

“I just hope these kids get to play some football. This COVID situation is frustrating to say the least,” he expressed. “These kids have been working since February to get to this point, only to have COVID become an issue again.” 

If the Knights are unable to secure another opponent, their next contest on the schedule is slated for Wednesday, September 8, at McKinney Field with kickoff at 7:00 p.m.



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