Knights open season strong

BUCKHANNON— Starting their season on a high note, the Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) track team went on the road to compete in the Buckhannon Invitational, with 38 Knights ready outperform their competition.

According to Knights head coach Jennifer Summers, the team performed well, with a majority of individuals achieving new personal records.

“The coaches are very pleased with the outcome of this opening meet! All the athletes performed well, most achieving their PRs,”she expressed. “What an exciting and wonderful way to start our season!”

Overall the girls ran themselves to a second-place finish with a team total of 96.50 points, earning those points by placing fifth or better in 19 events.

In addition, TCMS standout Anna Harbison earned the High Point female athlete award taking three first-place spots in the 100 Hurdles, the 200 meter dash and the high jump.

The boys went on to place fourth overall with 79 points.

Those points were earned with 13 finishes in the top six or better.

The Knights  dominated the relay events, and secured first-place finishes in both. The team also took first in the shuttle hurdles with Aaron Sayers, Andrew Collins, Braydon Weaver and Javin Summers competing.

Individual Event Results, Girls: 

Leah Knotts - 4th place  in the 3200, Hadley Horne -1st place  in the 400, Sofia Brake- 4th place  in the 400, Brittany Kennedy - 6th place  in the 400, 4X800 Team: Leah Knotts, Sofia Brake,Bailey Weaver, Kevie Sipes- 3rd place, Anna Harbison - 1st place 100 Hurdles, Jennah Charleton - 5th place 100 Hurdles, Hadley Horne  - 3rd place 100 meter dash, Kevie Sipes – 5th place  in the 1600, Carly Vandergrift - 5th place 200 Hurdles, Sofia Brake- 6th place 200 Hurdles

4X100 Relay - Britany Kennedy, Jennah Charleton, Anna Harbison, Hadley Horne- 1st place, Kevie Sipes – 6th place 800, Anna Harbison  1st place 200, Shuttle Hurdles- Carly Vandergrift, Isabella Jones, Madelyn Lynch, Jennah Charleton-  2nd place, Anna Harbison -High Jump 1st place, Jennah Charleton- High Jump 5th place, Hadely Horne-long jump 3rd place, Sofia Brake- long jump  5th place.

Individual Event Results, Boys: 

Oliver Barker-4th in the 3200, Javin Summers- 3rd in the 100 High Hurdles, Jaxson Hall-2nd in the 100 meter dash 4X200 relay – Andrew Collins, Braydon Weaver, Landon Hodge, Aaron Sayers  2nd place, MJ Niggemeyer  2nd in the 1600, 4X100 relay – MJ Niggemeyer, Aaron Sayers, Landon Hodge, Jaxson Hall- 1st Place, MJ Niggemeyer- 2nd place 800, Jaxson Hall- 4th place 200 meter dash, Shuttle hurdles- Aaron Sayers, Andrew Collins, Braydon Weaver, Javin Summers  1st Place, 4X400 Relay- Brady McQuain, Oliver Barker, Owen Shreve, Tyler Clemm  5th place, Jaxson Hall-High Jump 4th place, MJ Niggemeyer- Long Jump 3rd place, Andrew Collins- Disc  6th place



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