Knights Football recognized by BOE

PRUNTYTOWN—At a recent Taylor County Board of Education meeting, one sports program was recognized for their outstanding work and growth.

Taylor County Middle School Football Head Coach Bobby Beltner, along with the team, was present at the meeting to receive recognition.

Beltner shared some information about the program with the board members.

To do so, he presented a slideshow presentation that highlighted some of the accomplishments made to the football program.

He reported that June 1 was the starting point, and with the help of Sam Jones and other volunteers, they got to work.

Beltner shared through the presentation some of the work that was done from reseeding the field to cleaning a building to store equipment for the group.

He told the board that they wanted to do more and that it can’t just be about football.

“The biggest challenge you run into when you coach middle school football is that you are the forgotten,” Beltner commented. “You have youth football, that I love, and then you have high school football.”

He voiced that they wanted to bring attention to middle school football, and they got to work on the track and field.

Inside the school, Beltner reported they have one of the nicest weight rooms in the state and to help with buying equipment, they held a cops versus teachers basketball game.

In addition, he told the board about the peanut butter and jelly program that they started, to help ensure that the players were not hungry during practice.

“At the beginning I was a little skeptical as to how it would catch on with the kids,” shared Beltner. “A day or two later, they were looking forward to it. Now it’s a staple before every practice.”

Additionally, the Knights got new uniforms this season, as well as new helmets and shoulder pads. 

To help raise morale at the school, they held a blackout night and other activities to involve students and teachers.

He told the board that soon he would like to purchase a golf cart to help with getting to the players and a trailer to take the equipment on the road.

“I’ve couldn’t have done all of this without the help of the assistant coaches and volunteers,” he voiced.

After talking about the program, Beltner introduced the players to the board members.

The Knights finished their season at 5-3, and player Kenny Humphries became the fourth TCMS player ever to gain 1,000 yards in single season among other records.

While introducing the players, Beltner expressed that the most important thing you can do as a coach is to know your kids.

Board President Pat Tucker congratulated and thanked Beltner for helping to build the program.

“You know the program and what needs to be done,” he voiced. “I am very impressed. Thank you for the countless hours and all of the hard work you have done.”

Beltner told the board that he was just building on what was there from previous coaches, and they are just getting started.

“I owe a lot of gratitude to the City of Grafton for letting us use their equipment and helping with some of the projects,” Beltner expressed. “That’s how you get things done, working together.”

The other board members thanked Beltner, the assistant coaches and volunteers for their hard work.


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