Knights conclude season with heartbreaking OT loss to Hornets

PRUNTYTOWN—The Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) Knights concluded their season last Wednesday with an overtime loss to the East Fairmont Hornets.

The Hornets would be the first to put points on the board, finding the end zone with 5:41 left in the first quarter. The Knights defense held strong and forced the East Fairmont conversion to fall short.

That would be the only time that East Fairmont would lead in regulation play, as the Knights answered back with a touchdown run of their own. 

With 25 seconds left in the opening quarter, Jacob Moats made his way down the field and into the end zone, tying things up. However, TCMS took the lead when Moats crossed the goal line adding two more points with a completed conversion.

Entering the second quarter, the Knights found themselves up by two with an 8-6 lead. 

The quarter saw a great deal of back-and-forth play from both teams, but TCMS lengthened their lead when Cash Nestor punched his way into the end zone with 3:35 left in the half. The Knight conversion was brought down short, bringing the score to 14-6 in favor of TCMS.

Coming off the momentum of the made touchdown, JW Nestor recovered an onside kick, placing the ball back in possession of the Knights. 

With just over 2:00 minutes left in the half, Moats once again made his way in for a Knights touchdown. Nestor’s conversion attempt was once again stopped short, but the Knights increased their lead over the Hornets 20-6.

Braden Taylor kicked off for the Knights and quickly swooped into action recovering his own kick, once again stopping the Hornets in their tracks.

However, the Knights were unable to capitalize on their possessions and turned the ball over on downs. A series of penalties against the Hornets kept them from gaining much ground, and the Knights entered halftime with a 14-point lead, with the score sitting at 20-6.

The third quarter remained scoreless for both teams, until, with just 42 seconds left, East Fairmont crossed the goal line, claiming a Hornet touchdown. Their conversion attempt was once again cut short, bringing the score to 20-14.

The Knights answered with a touchdown of their own to start out the fourth quarter. Nestor was once again the ball carrier for TCMS. Chace Kinsey’s conversion was brought down in the backfield, and with 5:57 left in play, the Knights lengthened the lead 26-14.

The Hornets found their second wind with a kickoff return that resulted in a touchdown. However, the Knights defense once again stepped up and stopped them from adding two more points to the board.

East Fairmont would then tie things back up with just 2:47 left in play, when they once again made their way into the end zone. Their conversion attempt failed, and the score sat at 26 all.

With the final buzzer, the Knights entered their second overtime situation of the season.

The Hornets found themselves in possession first and were able to find the end zone. This time their conversion attempt would be successful for the first time in the contest.

With the score sitting at 34-26 the Knights knew that they had to answer back. The ball was handed off to Moats, who claimed his third touchdown of the night. 

The pressure mounted and the ball was snapped, but the Knights were unable to punch through the East Fairmont defense and their conversion attempt was brought down short, ending the game in a heartbreaking 34-32 loss.

The Knights concluded their season with a 4-4 record.


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