Knight earns Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year

TAYLOR COUNTY— Grafton High School Boys Head Soccer Coach, Arthur Knight was recently announced as the 2021 Big 10 Boys Soccer All Conference Coach of the Year. 

This honor is awarded by winning votes from other conference coaches and is one Knight is humbled to have received for the second time. 

Knight shared that he was recognized for the honor first in 2010 as the coach of the Liberty High School boys soccer team. 

“I am humbled to have received this honor for a second time,” he expressed. “To have your program recognized by some of the best coaches in the state is always good.” 

He noted that while the Big Ten Conference is extremely competitive in every sport, soccer is always a grueling battle, as the conference boasts some of the best and toughest teams in the state. 

And while it was Knight who was named for the honor, he was sure to give credit where credit was due and recognize all that assisted him along the way saying, “It’s all about our team. I feel blessed to get to work with great assistants and these special kids. This award is a badge of honor for all the hard work our boys and my assistants put in this past season.”

In addition, Knight thanked the school, as well as the community as a whole for its unwavering support of the program throughout the years and hopes it can continue to grow. 

“With any success that our program garners, we have to recognize the amazing support we receive not only from Grafton High School but all of Taylor County,” he voiced. 

Coach Knight first decided to be a part of high school soccer during his time at Liberty High School, where he started out coaching basketball as an assistant. 

In 2007, one of his senior players approached him and convinced him to take over the school’s soccer program, so they would have a coach for his senior year. 

Knight continues to be active in the sport of basketball, as well, as an assistant coach of the Grafton High School boys basketball team.

When it comes to coaching soccer, Knight says it is his goal to remain transparent, fair and honest and works to keep practice enjoyable for his players with a little friendly competition. 

“I always like having competitive drills at practice, and we’ve made up some games of our own that can certainly be entertaining,” he said in an earlier interview. 

Knight also shared that coaching is a major part of his life, as his children have essentially grown up with his players and their families. 

“If we aren’t on the soccer field, then we are in a basketball gym.  The relationships that I have built with other coaches, administrators, players, parents and families have been rewarding.  I really love seeing my former players grow into outstanding young men and start families of their own,” he added.

He also noted that he believes his capability to connect with his players and build relationships where they know they can trust him, and that he will help them when their playing days are over, is what sets him apart and is a piece of his coaching ability that he really prides himself in. 

And when it comes to a young athlete who may be considering giving soccer a try, Knight’s advice is to just give it a shot. 

“Soccer is the most popular sport in the world.  Come and find out what most young people have discovered, a rewarding game. I can tell you there is no sports family like a soccer family,” he encouraged. 

In addition to helping area athletes grow, Knight also shapes the minds of Taylor County students as a fourth-grade teacher at Anna Jarvis Elementary. His wife, Bethany is also a teacher at Anna Jarvis, educating kindergarten students, and together they have three children, Regan, Rylee and Roman.

Congratulations to our Big 10 Coach of the Year, Coach Arthur Knight! 


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