Kenneth Bradley “Brad” Auvil

Kenneth Bradley “Brad” Auvil … 1962-2017  … “a man’s character is his fate”

Brad’s story began at Staat’s Hospital, Charleston, WV on 2-7-62, and ended with cardiac arrest at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Los Angeles, Ca, on 3-28-17.

Educated at Marita’s Day school, Washington Elementary in Charleston, Belington Elementary, Philip Barbour High School and Marshal University in music.

Brad was employed at New Era Homes as craftsman & apartment manager; in sales @ 84 Lumber, Charlie Jordan’s Music, and modular homes in Grafton. He was sales Manager at Auvil Homes and for the past 21 years, worked at LA Bite in Los Angeles.

Brad loved guitar. He enjoyed performing from Asbury’s children’s choir and Philip Barbour Singers (Arnold’s Army), to his own rock band. He also enjoyed jamming with Van Halen. Brad left a collection of guitars & his beautiful Martin will remain, forever in his room.

A hundred pounds of photos brought home is his diary, tells of his love of photography. Brad could see the sunlit beauty of the shadow of a red juice glass, or 3-year-old cousin Tory among the tulips. He highlighted our 50th anniversary and was able to share by email, a Canaan Valley sunrise from a webcam, 3000 miles away.

Brad loved Dad Ken, Mom Laura, Miles & Alicia, Nana Davis & Gramma Auvil, Aunt Ruth and Ralph, his uncles and cousins, and he loved Christmas in WV. He loved Uncle John, Aunt Wese Cadwallader, Todd, Tiffany and Tori, and his trips to Ocean City, 7 Mile, O and Camp Shenandoah.

Brad loved Thanksgiving in NY, with Uncle John, Aunt Tish Mckenzie, Tara, Shawn, Mark and Scott, and the dinner roll ambush of passing vehicles.  He loved Steve and Mary, Stephanie, Jenny, Kirsten, Richard, Mary, Terry, Melony, Bea, Dallas, Chris, Mark.

Brad loved skiing, swimming, fishing & Cheat River fishing float trips. He loved the seashore, built his room with fishnet ceiling, weathered lumber, adorned with starfish, seashells, paintings of sea gulls, fisherman, sand and ocean.

He was always a techie, trying to update dad & mom’s TV, radios, cameras and computer. After a week in the dark of Hurricane Sandy, his gift of lanterns, flashlights & batteries assured him we would never be in the dark again.

Brad loved his country and voted consistently for equality and the little guy. He loyally served, but disliked jury duty, and his sense of fairness made him jury foreman of ugly homicide cases, both in Philippi, WV and Los Angeles.

Brad, you shared your life with us, were loving, funny, friendly, fair, honest, sensitive, and considerate. We will remember, love and miss you, everyday, forever.

Brad, your character is your fate, a 1stclass ticket on your journey.

Brad’s ashes will be interred in WV, with a memorial to be announced later. If you have memories to share, send them to Ken and Laura Auvil, 26250-0846 or [email protected].


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