Keene selected as Taylor County Athlete of the Week

This week’s Taylor County Athlete of the Week is surpassing expectations and pushing herself to be a stronger, tougher competitor, even in the off-season. 

Earlier in the spring, Grafton High School girls basketball head coach Andrew Moore challenged his team to continue honing in on their skills during the offseason, specifically challenging them to work on their shooting techniques.

The Lady Cats Shot Club contest began in May and gave participants from then until September to shoot or make a set number of baskets based on their age and level of play. Moore tasked his own Lady Cats in grades nine to 12, to make 10,000 shots within that time frame. 

With over a month remaining in the contest, Moore revealed that upcoming sophomore Lady Bearcat Jodi Keene as surpassed those expectations, making well over 10,000 shots already. 

Moore noted that as a coach, this accomplishment gives him great pride and hope for the season ahead. 

“I am very proud of her work ethic and dedication to the game,” he commented.

He went on to say that the payoff of her hard work can already be seen in the gym with a display of more confidence and poise when shooting. 

It takes a great deal of discipline to put in hours on the court to improve as a player. This is not something Keene was required to do, but something she wanted to take part in as a serious athlete, who is dedicated to her team and her future as a Lady Bearcat. 

Congratulations Jodi Keene on your outstanding accomplishment and being an inspiration to others who made need the motivation to put in the work in the offseason, and for being named as Taylor County Athlete of the Week. 



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