Just Sayin’ with Justin: Sports Correspondent Justin Wolford touches on need of indoor facility x

In the previous articles I have spoken more about the programs and the attitudes of our athletes. Some of those problems could take years to sort out. I thought I would use today’s article to discuss something that could make an immediate difference in our sports programs.

I am talking about building an indoor sports facility!

I’m am not saying we copy the twenty-million-dollar facility that is currently being built in Harrison County, as we don’t have the population or the financial resources for such an undertaking.

With the old guard of the political underbelly of Taylor County shifting in new directions we now have the opportunity to embark on a voyage of discovery.

In speaking with numerous coaches one thing keeps creeping into all the conversations. “We need more places to practice.”

Take a quick drive around Taylor County and take a good look at most of our facilities. Apart from the Grafton High School football field the rest are woefully sub par.

We have no room for travel teams from any sport to practice. We have three football teams trying to use the outfield of a decrepit baseball field or a grass lot beside of the tennis courts. We have volleyball, basketball, cheer all vying for the Board of Education’s strict gym usage.

We need a privately controlled indoor facility that the county can use.

If this year’s pandemic has taught us anything it’s that too much bureaucracy can hamper our way of life and in turn our kid’ sporting life.

Where do we start you may ask?

We start by forming an exploratory committee that will study the feasibility and viability of such a task. They would discuss location, governance and accountability.

From there you would move on to the formation of a non-profit entity with a solid board of directors who would initiate the formulation of a solid business plan, commit to grant writing and enact phase one environmental studies and the like.

How to we fund it? There are countless way to fund such a endeavor.

The federal government has numerous grants for “community centers” as does the state. There are even grants and federal loans from the FHA solely for economically depressed areas of Appalachia to which Taylor County should have no trouble accessing.

This facility would open fantastic opportunities for our community and help us better plan for winning seasons.

If anyone would like to discuss this further and help form an exploratory committee then please reach out and together we can make this dream a reality.



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