Jury quick to return a guilty verdict

TAYLOR COUNTY—One local man’s trial did not turn out the way he expected, as the jury was quick to return a guilty verdict.

It took the collection of 12 men and women only four hours and 22 minutes to deliberate before returning a guilty verdict for Charles William Mauller, on Tuesday.

Mauller, 32, of Flemington, was found guilty of domestic battery, battery and unlawful restraint. The Taylor County Grand Jury had previously charged the defendant in April with third offense domestic battery, malicious assault and kidnapping.

In January, Mauller was arrested following an investigation after claims were made that he had repeatedly beat his victim over a three-day span. The victim stated that Mauller had beat her at her father’s residence, at a friend’s house, and while they were in a vehicle together.

She told officers that Mauller told her that he couldn’t live without her and would kill her if she attempted to leave him. According to the complaint, he threatened to stab her with an ice pick if she tried to leave.

His victim testified that she had gone voluntarily with Mauller on the evening of January 5. It wasn’t until January 8 that she was able to escape the abuse and run to a nearby auto parts store for help.

When first seen by law enforcement, the woman’s eyes were black and blue, her face was swollen and she had trouble trying to speak, Grafton Patrol Officer Paul Collins alleged.

Taylor County Prosecuting Attorney John Bord revealed that the defendant had stipulated prior to the trial, that he had two previous third offense domestic battery charges.

Mauller was previously convicted of third-offense domestic battery charges in August 2008 and more recently in May 2010.

He now faces a possible fifteen years to life on the third offense domestic batter charge, and Bord stated that he will file a recidivist action, because the defendant is a reoccurring offender.

With the filing of the action, if the state can prove Mauller was previously convicted to at least two felonies, the sentence enhancement could see him serving his time in a West Virginia State Penitentiary.

Mauller’s sentence will be handed down at a later hearing.

Bord, along with Assistant Prosecutor Christopher Miller presented the case on behalf of the state of WV.

The two-day trial was presided over by 19th Judicial Circuit Court Judge Alan D. Moats.


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