Jenkins and Stire face revocations in Taylor County Circuit Court

Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge discusses cases with defendants and their counsel via Microsoft Teams.

 TAYLOR COUNTY—Continued drug use caused concern for two defendants in Taylor County Circuit Court last week.

During the morning’s hearing, Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Alan D. Moats, heard two cases involving defendants who had been struggling to overcome their addiction while on probation, a direct violation of the terms set for them. 

Charlie Dewayne Jenkins, 37 of Thornton, was present virtually via Microsoft Teams with his lawyer Ryan Shreve to address a bond probation revocation. 

In September 2017, the defendant was indicted by the Taylor County Grand Jury on two counts of offense against railroad property and two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony. After entering a guilty plea for the theft of railroad property in July 2017, Jenkins was sentenced in Taylor County Circuit Court. 

Jenkins was placed on probation for his actions.

The court had received notice of Jenkins’s continued drug use while on the program through reports filed by the Taylor County Probation Office. The documents were made available to the defendant and his counsel, who said they did not dispute the findings presented to the court.

“Those violations consisted of positive drug screens and being behind on restitution payments,” Shreve explained. “Mr. Jenkins does not contest said violations.” 

Jenkins testified that he had indeed continued to use methamphetamine. 

“I’ve been living with my girlfriend, Brittany Stire, and her mom. Both Brittany and I have continued to use together,” he reported to the court.

He told Moats that a friend had been supplying both he and Stire, who is currently pregnant with the defendant’s child, with the drugs.

Moats clarified that Stire was pregnant and proceeded to use drugs anyway, and Jenkins stipulated that the judge was understanding correctly, adding that they were using methamphetamine at least once a month.

“It is clear that Mr. Jenkins need to be admitted into a drug treatment program to address his addiction,” voiced Shreve.

Because of his continued drug use and failure to adhere to the terms of his probation, Moats ordered that the defendant’s probation would be revoked.

“I am reinstating your sentence and you will serve your time in jail,” said Moats. “However, if you are able to secure a bed at a treatment facility, I will consider your release.”

Later the same day, Flemington resident Stire was back before Judge Moats to admit to her probation violations, as well.

The defendant was indicted by the Taylor County Grand Jury on two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony. She entered into a plea deal with the state and was placed on probation.

During Stire’s recent hearing, Moats offered a recap of the testimony received by Jenkins earlier in the day.

 “Ms. Stire is going to admit that she has used drugs,” said Defense Attorney William Adams. “Furthermore, she will agree that the source of those drugs would be the same individual named by Mr. Jenkins. My client admits she had a drug dependency and has expressed that she would like to enter a treatment program.”

Stire revealed to the court that she is now eight months pregnant, and while she continued to use drugs, it was much less frequently during her pregnancy.

“I am ready to just be done with all of this,” she expressed. “I want to get treatment so that I can get my kids back.”


Moats ordered that Stire’s bond was revoked and her sentence was reinstated, placing her back behind bars.


“I will give you credit for any time served,” Moats imparted. “Your continued drug use while pregnant is a serious concern of mine, and your addiction clearly needs addressed. Therefore, if you are able get into a rehabilitation program, I will grant your release.”


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