January 2022 Taylor County Grand Jury term yields 18 indictments

TAYLOR COUNTY—The Taylor County Grand Jury met on Monday and heard multiple cases, handing down indictments to 18 individuals.

Among the cases heard was that of 30-year-old Joshua Blake Price, of Dunkard Mill Road, Farmington, who has been officially indicted by the Grand Jury on the charge of murder.

Price has been charged with the June 2021 shooting death of Tyler Poston.

Poston’s body was reportedly found by his stepfather on the morning of June 26 at a pull-off spot at the top of Black Mountain, on US Route 119 North in Taylor County. Once officials arrived, Poston was pronounced dead on the scene.

Poston was reportedly shot six times from behind, two of those shots were in the head and the other four in the torso. Officials also determined that there was little sign of struggle. 

The medical examiner determined that the shooting was a homicide, and an investigation led to the arrest of Price.

Additionally, Travis L. McDonald, 27, of Mason Lane, Grafton, was indicted on five counts of sexual assault in the third degree and 16-year-old Landon Austin Winters, of Trap Springs Road, Grafton, was indicted for one count of sexual assault in the first degree and three counts of sexual abuse in the first degree. Although a minor, Winters is being charged as an adult.

Cordale Lee Garvin Felton, 23, of West Main Street, Grafton, was charged with one count of strangulation and one of count of felony child abuse.

37-year-old Stephanie R. White and 43-year-old Mark Aaron McNeill, both of Rock Union Road, Fairmont faced indictment for one count each of child neglect creating risk of injury, possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and conspiracy.

Joseph Robert Quinn, 28, of East Main Street, Grafton, was indicted on one count of third offense domestic battery.

Christopher W. Cassell, 38, of West Wilford Street, Grafton, was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver—methamphetamine.

32-year-old Monica S. Bise, of Curlie Bend Road, Elkins, was indicted on one count felony destruction of property.

John S. Peznosky, 72, of Thomas Farm Road, Thornton, faced indictment for third offense shoplifting.

Christopher M. Poling 35, of Garrett Mills Apartments, Grafton, was charged with third offense driving while revoked for driving under the influence. 

Clarksburg’s Anthony Avenue resident John Oldaker, 54, was indicted for failure to pay child support.

During the hearings, four individuals were indicted on the charge of failure to appear, including Zackery R. Hott, 25, of Lucas Dairy Road; Michael A. Wilfong, 36, Anterra Hill, Rosemont; Sarah M. Quinn, 37, of Rosemont; and Patrick L. Hiller, 35, of Timberbrook Road, Bridgeport.

Finally, Grafton residents Manuel Moore, 41, of Red Barn Circle and Derek Todd Ward, 32, of West Washington Street, were charged with failure to appear.

All defendants are innocent until proven guilty, and each are awaiting hearings and trials for their alleged crimes.


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