International Mother’s Day Shrine gets new look

GRAFTON—The International Mother’s Day Shrine recently had work done to the interior of the building, and now the outside is getting a little tender love and care.

After last April’s hailstorm, that left much of Grafton in need of repairs, the Mother’s Day Shrine Committee sought bids for the installation of a new roof.

“We had three bids come in, one company was ruled out because of some issues they had, and the other company was not able to do the roofing,” explained Larry Richman, a member of the committee. “So Shield Roofing, who actually had the highest bid amount, is the company that will be completing the roof.”

According to Richman, the original bid that was given was approximately $72,000, but the actual cost came in at more than that.

“The installation of commercial gutters and downspouts, and with the color selection to match the roof, it came up about $4,000 more,” shared Richman.

After the final cost was tabulated, Richman addressed the Grafton City Council and Taylor County Commission. Both entities voted to help with funding the project, and agreed to pay $17,000.

“The insurance money we got from the storm was around $41,000, so the cost will be pretty well covered,” said Richman.

The Shrine will be topped with a seamless, top-notch metal roof, in addition to matching gutters and downspouts, which will help add to the historic look of the building.

“This is the first time that the building and bell tower roofing will match, and building is 145 years old,” shared Richman.

Richman explained that the original roof on the Shrine was more than likely a metal roof, and that in 1890 a slate roof was installed. Since that time, the building has had two asbestos-shingled roofs.

According to Richman, the last time a roof was installed on the Shrine was around 1995.

“When Francis W. McCracken passed in 1995 he left money for the Mother’s Day Shrine, which was used to put a roof on,” explained Richman. “The roof that is being replaced is over 20 years old.”

In addition to roof work, the Shrine’s bell tower will also get some attention. According to Richman, the original tower was struck by lightening in 1947, and part of the tower was removed.

“The tower was then damaged again in the April storm, and needs some work done to it now,” shared Richman.

Richman said the work that was started last week will take approximately two to three weeks to complete.

“We are excited for the new roof to go on. We think it will match historically with the building and make it all look really nice,” imparted Richman.