Hustle on the hardwood

Bulls and Thunder reign as league champions for 7-9 and 10-12 age groups

FLEMINGTON— The West Taylor Youth Basketball league wrapped their season up over the weekend with tournament play. 

After dominating the league for the 10–12-year-old teams, the West Taylor Thunder boasted an undefeated regular season, beating all their opponents by a double digit margin. 

Keeping their momentum going in tournament play, the team coached by Michael Snider and Dave Gobel hustled their way to the top and completed their perfect season as tournament champions for their age group. 

In addition, the Bulls powered their way to an impressive 6-3 record on the regular season, also working their way to the top earning the Championship trophy in the seven-to-nine-year-old age group. 

The Bulls were led by coaches Joe Keener and Justin Fowler. 

While still young in the sport, members of both teams are no strangers to the court.

Motivated by their unwavering dedication and desire to continue play and perfect their skills and talents, numerous players also filled rosters during the Taylor County Bibby League season, which wrapped up last month. 

Congratulations to the Thunder and the Bulls on their outstanding seasons! 

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