Homegrown goodness served up at Tygart Valley Grocery and Bulk

GRAFTON—This summer when you are craving a home-grown meal, be sure to check out Tygart Valley Grocery and Bulk, located at 1 Harman Plaza, Grafton.
After purchasing Tygart Valley Bulk Foods, new owners, Courtney and Phillip Austin made a slight name change after merging it with their other small business, A+ Meats, located in Thornton, WV.
“I have always been interested in Amish style foods. Owning this store and A+ Meats allows the Bulk store to be stocked with local raised meat, sort of like a pasture to plate idea,” said Courtney Austin.
The store is still keeping in stock a variety of goods but will include more products than before, including requested products such as particular baking items, candy and a selection of homegrown goods.
For those searching for a specific item, a visit to the store will be helpful. The Austins shared that they are ready to help you find what you’re looking for or point you in the direction of where you can purchase it.
Austin shared “We are still working on coming up with new store items to stock, food menu items, and different specials.”
And while they haven’t yet set their final store hours, they are working to nail that down.
“Right now, we are seeing how things go and seeing what the customers want, before we release a steady set of hours. We want to accommodate setting better store hours for those early morning business customers or out of towners,” Austin explained. “Basically, we are still getting everything up and running at this point, but we do plan on having a grand opening once everything is set up.”
According to Austin, new soups, Caesar salads, chicken Caesar salads, taco salads, panni sandwiches and more will be added to the menu. Salads and hoagies will become part of the everyday menu, making those items an option weekly.
“I like to think of it is, if we have the items in house for what the customer is asking for, then we should make the food for them. This helps keep everything fresh as well by using up the products we have,” she commented.
Deli meats and cheeses will still be sold daily, and new deli meats and cheeses will be ordered and available for customers to purchase.
In house items that are made in the kitchen will also be added to the shelves to be sold.
Austin noted that special tasting opportunities would be held, and to keep an eye out for those offerings.
In addition, meat that can be bought at the Thornton store can now be bought right here in Grafton, allowing in town customers to not have to travel as far out to get great steaks, chicken, sausage, ribs and more.
A new remodeling of the kitchen has made it more efficient for the staff to provide better service and more food. The kitchen received a panni press, double ovens, more stove top burners, and they have added more in-house seating for customers to enjoy food right inside of the store.
Austin has also mentioned exploring ideas of trying to start up a tail gate market. This will allow individuals who make homemade items such as cheese, soaps, garden items, and more to drop their tailgate and sell their items.
The Austins believe that it will be a big promotion for small businesses, and they are big into supporting the community and locally made items.
Locally grown items have become trendier in small businesses, especially Grafton. More local businesses are getting products or selling locally made products from their store.
Austin also spoke about potentially being able to smoke their beef and start selling beef jerky in the store.
And with wonderful offerings, Tygart Valley Grocery and Bulk is looking for dedicated workers to help customers when visiting the shop. Stop in for an application. Please note, employees will need to have a food handlers’ card.
As you can see this business has a lot to offer for our small town. Great tasting meats, Amish style foods, hard to find items and a great menu to browse for food.
Tygart Valley Grocery and Bulk is looking to serve the community with great service and delicious food. Stop in and try some of their delicious offerings or shop for a weekend cookout by grabbing up A+ Meats chicken and steak.
For more information, please visit tygartvalleybulkfoods.webs.com/ or call the store at 304-265-4711. Also, be sure to check out their Facebook page, www.facebook.com/Tygart-Valley-Grocery-and-Bulk-Foods-128659753931327, for daily specials, business hours, announcements and newly stocked items.


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