Ham, bacon and eggs, anyone?

GRAFTON— The 17th Annual Taylor County Future Farmers of American (FFA) ham, bacon and egg sale will be held on March 17, in the Grafton High School Mary Battle Room. The sale will feature 26 hams, 26 bacons and 32 dozens of eggs.

The evening will begin with a buyer’s reception at 6:30 p.m., with the sale scheduled to being at 7:30 p.m. Parking for the event is available behind the technical center, located next to the football stadium, or in the student parking lot.

This year 12 students from Taylor County will be selling ham and bacon at the sale. These individuals include, Cabell Bolyard, Kayla Brown, Lauren Johnson, Jarret Lambert, Savannah Linton, Shannon Linton, Matthew McDaniel, Lainie Rush, Walker Simmons, Bruin Stull, Trevor Swiger and Jillian Tichnell. Trace Uldrich, from Lincoln High School will also be participating in the ham and bacon sale.

In addition, 19 students will be selling eggs. All products are guaranteed against spoilage at the time of the sale.

“The students and I hope we can count on your support again this year at the sale,” expressed FFA Advisor, Steve Tennant. 

Tennant shared that at last year’s sale, hams sold for an average of over $14 per pound, or over $280, and bacon sold for an average of $25 per pound or over $173. In addition, a dozen of eggs sold for an average of $170, during last year’s sale.

“We are accepting bids for the show on either, a per-pound basis, or total money to be spent,” explained Tennant.

He said that purchasing the products could be done, one of two ways; by attending the event, or by completing and sending a bid sheet to him, via fax to 304-265-1058, by the end of today. Submitting a bid sheet will allow Tennant to place the bid on the persons behalf, if unable to attend.

“We of course want to encourage everyone to attend the sale. This will show the students your sincere interest in them and their future,” commented Tennant. “ We again thank you for your support in the past, and hope you continue to support all youth programs of Taylor County.”

For additional questions, regarding the sale, please contact Steve Tennant, at 304-265-1050.

The West Virginia FFA held their Annual Ham, Bacon and Egg Sale on Monday night, in Building Seven, at the Capitol Complex, in Charleston.

Numerous FFA members, from across the state, entered their ham, bacon and eggs into the sale.

During the show, dozens of eggs sold for upwards of $750 each, and the champion ham brought in thousands of dollars.

The money raised went back to the winners to use for next year’s pig or if they choose, into a college fund.

“This was a huge opportunity to support what these students have been working on for months,” said Agriculture Commissioner, Kent Leonhardt. “Teaching our youth that hard work does payoff is vital to our society. If you were unable to attend the state sale, be on the lookout for your local sale, it’s a great way to support the youth of your own community.”

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