Griffith defends title of Fittest Lady

GRAFTON—Reigning champion of last year’s Fittest Lady Contest, Morgan Griffith, once again put her skills to the test during this year’s competition.

The Fittest Lady Contest is designed to inspire everyone to work hard, become healthier by exercising and improving eating habits, while motivating the ladies to push to be the fittest of them all.

According to Tygart Valley Rehabilitation and Fitness Center Manager Ricky Williams, Griffith led for most of the month-long competition.

“Morgan set the bar so high for the other competitors. From the get-go, she took first place from everyone on her first attempt in each event,” he voiced. “Her drive and athleticism are quite impressive!”

After a month of competing, sweating, yelling and sometimes crying, Griffith once again claimed the title of Fittest Lady.

Griffith competed against 13 other ladies from Grafton, Morgantown, Bridgeport, Fairmont and Buckhannon.

Among the top finishers were Taylor Starkey, who brought home a second-place finish, and this year’s third-place competitor, Cambria McCullough.

Williams revealed that Starkey’s impressive athletic background without a doubt helped propel her in the contest.

“She is a former all-conference collegiate soccer player, and her showing in the contest was beyond impressive,” he commented. “This was her first year in the competition, and when it comes to strength, balance and endurance, she has it all!”

McCullough came into the competition with a gymnastics and cheerleading background, something that helped gain a third-place finish.

“She has trained for months in our facility, but I wasn’t aware of her self-motivation and competitive drive until the contest started,” Williams shared.

During the contest, female competitors are put to the test in ten various events, and competitors fought for the fastest time in each event, with a staff member recording their times and completion, for their chance to be named fittest lady.

According to Williams, this year’s events were more challenging than that of last year.

He revealed that Griffith got out to an early lead over the other ladies, but McCullough briefly stepped up, claiming the lead for a short period.

“That was short lived, though, as Morgan competed later in the day, and quickly regained first place,” Williams disclosed.

He revealed that Starkey entered the competition late in the month, and had the best time entering the last three events.

“She had over a 90 second lead, and the last three events are quite challenging. Once the timer stopped, she was just a few seconds short of taking the lead,” he explained.

Williams shared the competition was another great success, and that he was very impressed with all of the competitors.

“I really appreciate all of their great efforts in the contest,” he said. “I am already looking forward to next year, and I have to ask, ‘Can anyone beat Morgan Griffith?’”


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