Grandfamilies recognizes special assistance to their program

FLEMINGTON—At a recent Taylor County Board of Education meeting, a beneficial program was recognized for helping Grandfamilies in the county.

A few months ago, The Taylor County Board of Education, United Way of Marion and Taylor Counties and Family Services teamed up to offer a new program to grandparents in the county.

Healthy Grandfamilies is a free initiative led by West Virginia State University to provide information and resources to grandparents who are raising one or more grandchildren.

Throughout the fall, grandparents in the county attended a series of nine discussion sessions.

Each session provided valuable resources and various topics were discussed ranging from stress management to healthy eating and Internet safety.

Upon completion of the program, participants received a certificate of completion, a gift card and three months of follow-up services with a Licensed Social Worker.

Back in November, five women attended a graduation ceremony and at the graduation, Social Worker and Case Manager Candace Golaszewski expressed that the group touched her heart and they were the perfect group to start out with.

“I have created a bond with them that will never be broken as long as I am the social worker for the program,” she commented. “I am glad that they allowed me to come into their lives and help them.”

She shared that it was bittersweet journey and she is thankful for them and what they are doing for their grandchildren.

To help further aid the families, a support group is in the works and it will also be open to other Grandfamilies in the area, and a new session will start in March.

Some of the other services include help locating community resources, confidential assistance in meeting the unique needs of your family situation and advocacy services as needed.

During the board of education meeting, Mendy Paugh with the Board of Education, Golaszewski and two of the grandparents were present.

West Taylor Elementary School was recognized at the board meeting for being a sponsor of the Healthy Grandfamilies program.

Superintendent Christy Miller asked Principal Jamison Fisher to come up and shared that the school supplied a meal during one of the sessions and they would like to thank the school for supporting the program.

In addition, Melissa Garcia Webb was recognized for being one of the speakers during the sessions.

Miller shared that Garcia presented a session on trauma.

“We just want to thank you for your service to the program and hope that you will come back to support us in the upcoming session,” commented Miller.

One of the grandparents present shared with the board that she believes the program was very beneficial and she would like to see additional topics discussed in the upcoming sessions.

Board President Pat Tucker shared that this is definitely a program with a lot of potential and benefits to the Grandparents in Taylor County.

The board thanked everyone that was involved in the program for their support.

Golaszewski expressed that she looks forward to helping more families in the future.

For additional information about the program or to find out how to sign-up contact Golaszewski at 304-366-4750 ext. 113.


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