Grafton wrestlers takedown the competition in Bridgeport

BRIDGEPORT— The Grafton Wrestling Club hit the mats in the Tribe Takedown over the weekend, and during the nontraditional event, several Bearcubs rose to the challenge of taking down their opponents. 

For this specific tournament, rather than having three, one-minute rounds, wrestlers compete in one three-minute round. If wrestlers are unable to progress after a takedown, they must restart from neutral. This style of tournament truly tests the wrestler’s stamina and promotes mat time. 

The difference in style, however, did not seem to faze Taylor County’s young competitors, despite it being the first meet for many. 

Leading the way for the club was seasoned wrestler Ian Glaspell. 

Showing strength and determination, Glaspell defeated his competitors with near ease, going for a perfect 5-0 at the tournament, recording in impressive number of pins, with four on the day and taking one win by points, 4-2. 

For the second time, Glaspell earned a first place finish at the Tribe Takedown, this season in the 10U HWT class. 

Also representing Taylor County well on the mats wasRondo Koontz. Showing his own strength and endurance, Koontz fought his way to a second-place finish in the 10U 95/105 class. 

Jason Austin also secured a second-place finish in his category, 8U 65, while teammate Landon Lynch earned third in the 8U 70 class. 

In addition, Gaige Glover battled his way to a top finish and earned third in the 6U 55 division. 

Rounding out top finishes for the Grafton Club was Bryson Swaney. Swaney took fourth in the 8U 60 category. 

Paisley Glover, Hailey Nice, Julianna Austin, Braden Miller, Brady Collins, Isaiah Glaspell, Jack Taylor, Max Kutscher, Cylas Holmes, Max Griffin, Levin Muller, Reazon Lee, Ryllee Talkington, Jayden Conrad, Liam Nicholson and Clarissa Miller also got valuable mat time for the club at the Takedown and represented the team well. 

Members of the Grafton Club expressed their gratitude to Jim Nolte (tournament director) and Bridgeport Youth wrestling for hosting the event, saying they all had a great time and think that the mat time provided to the newcomers will result in an exciting shift in their commitment at practice. 

The Grafton Wrestling Club will be in action against on Sunday, December 12, as they travel to Keyser to take part in the Winter Storm Round Robin.


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