Grafton Salvation Army to host free clothing giveaway for needy

GRAFTON—Are your kids in need of assistance with clothing? The Grafton Salvation Army might have you covered.

According to Captain Dee Stewart, the Salvation Army will be holding a free clothing giveaway, at their Beech Street location, for families in need in the area.

“This event will be held on February 15 from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., for children of all ages, clear up to teenage children,” she shared.

She revealed that all of the clothing will be new items and will include coats, shirts, pants and shoes.

“We have all kinds of goodies. Often times, individuals are not able to take part in our Angel Tree Program because funding is limited around the holidays, but when they are out and about throughout the year, they may find clothes on clearance racks for cheap and bring them to us to use as we see fit,” Stewart explained.

She reported that the clothing being utilized for this particular giveaway has been donated by caring individuals or purchased by members of the church.

“When we came to serve in the Grafton church, we were unaware that there had been clothes stockpiled in an upstairs room,” revealed Stewart. “After learning that the clothes had been collected from the previous Christmas through July before we came, I decided we should hold a giveaway to help those in need.”

She noted that half of the stockpile was used during the Christmas season, and that the other half will be used with this giveaway.

“This amount of clothing can do the community good. We have clothing for all seasons. The coats we have available can be put to good use for a while, before the weather begins to warm up,” Stewart expressed.

Parents wishing to take part in the giveaway will need to arrive on the day of the event, with their children’s clothing sizes handy.

“We will be moving folks through the event rather quickly, and they won’t have much time to look through the items in a leisurely fashion,” she noted.

Parents will also need to take part in a short application process, before being able to receive clothing.

“We hope that these clothes will help families in need, because that’s one of the main goals of the Salvation Army,” shared Stewart.

For more information, please contact the Grafton Salvation Army by phone at 304-265-3565.

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