Grafton restaurant serves award-winning pepperoni rolls

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GRAFTON—One local restaurant serves award-winning pepperoni rolls.

Tygart Valley Bulk Foods, located in Harman Plaza, serves delicious food, with specials throughout the week. Recently, the store took part in the 3rd Annual Great Pepperoni Roll Cookoff, which was held in Morgantown Market Place pavilion on July 30.

“I made over 300 pepperoni rolls for the event,” shared Mary Hussion Holmes. “It was such a fun event, and I would love to compete again next year.”

This year, Tygart Valley Bulk Foods brought home the first runner up title in the traditional category.

“I thought that our pepperoni rolls were really good, and wanted to put them to the test,” reported Holmes.

She competed against numerous area restaurants and bakers, to bring home their second-pace finish.

This year, organizers decided to put a cap on the amount of tickets sold at the event. Tickets were sold in two ways—$10 for a Standard 8 Roll Ticket and $18 allowed attendees to all 16 rolls.

“This year, organizers donated $1 for every ticket sold, so $500, to flood relief,” said Holmes. “I just think that was an awesome thing for them to do.”

All other proceeds are being used to support the 3rd Annual Statewide Tour of “Golden Horseshoe,” a musical celebrating West Virginia’s history and heritage.

Stop by Tygart Valley Bulk Foods on Thursdays, to sample their pepperoni rolls. Rolls can be purchased plain for $2.50 or with cheese for $3. Add sweet or banana peppers and cheese for just .50 cents more.

Congratulations to the ladies at Tygart Valley Bulk Foods!

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