Grafton Martial Arts competes in tournaments

GRAFTON— The Grafton Martial Arts Academy has been keeping busy this summer, taking part in various tournaments.

The group traveled to Connersville, PA, to take on the competition in the Connersville Classic Tournament, where eight students took on competitors from all over.

And with a mission to show the competition just what the Grafton Martial Arts Academy was made of, the team came home with medals in hand.

“All eight of our students placed in their divisions, with awards presented in first to third place,” revealed Sensei John Poling, Academy owner.

The group then showcased their skills and stamina during the Battle on the Hill, which took place in Fairmont.

“Again, all of my students placed well within their individual divisions,” Poling expressed. “It is amazing to watch them grow in the sport, with their skills and talents flourishing more and more.”

He shared that he was beyond proud of every one of his competitors saying, “It takes a lot of bravery and heart to compete in karate. Unlike other team sports, in karate, it is you alone against your competition or the judges, so there’s nowhere to run or no one to hide behind.”

Poling shared that it is both his honor and privilege to teach and coach his students.

Grafton Martial Arts Academy located at 68 West Main Street, Grafton, has been offering a true Shotokan experience under the leadership of Sensei Poling, a Nidan Second-Degree Black Belt under the American Japanese Karate Association International (AJKA-I).

The dojo offers Kids’ Karate on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30 p.m. and Adults’ Karate on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00-8:15 p.m. Both classes are accepting new students, no matter what skill level they possess.

To learn more about the Grafton Martial Arts Academy and its offerings, please contact Sensei Poling by phone at 304-694-2080. Also, be sure to like and follow the academy on Facebook at Ajka-I of Wv/ Grafton Martial Arts Academy.

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