Grafton man arrested following alleged beating with wooden club

GRAFTON—A Grafton man found himself in trouble after reports that he bludgeoned a woman in the head with a wooden club, after she stopped to offer assistance to him.

39-year-old Cecil Kupfner was apprehended by Patrolman Misty Nicholas of the Grafton Police Department on Saturday after a warrant was obtained for his arrest.

According to the criminal complaint filed by Nicholas, the Harrison-Taylor County 911 Dispatch Center received a call on October 26, with reports that a woman had been assaulted.

When the officer arrived on scene in the parking lot of the Grafton NAPA, she spoke with the victim and another female who stated that when they stopped to check on a male who seemed to be in distress, the victim was attacked.

The complaint stated that the women told Nicholas that while at McDonald’s ordering food, they heard a man yelling but couldn’t tell which direction the disruption was coming from. 

Upon leaving the parking lot, they proceeded toward Victory Avenue, U.S. 119, and could see a man yelling in the parking lot of NAPA, just across the street.

The females pulled into the parking lot to see if he needed assistance and to place a call to 911, and that is when Kupfner reportedly approached the car and began to violently hit the victim in the head with a wooden club.

The report states that others in the car attempted to disarm Kupfner, but he was able to deliver additional blows to the victim before being disarmed.

The complaint stated that Kupfner fled from the scene on foot, leaving behind the wooden club, a pair of house shoes and his glasses.

Kupfner is being charged with felonious malicious assault, because his victim was the driver of a vehicle at the time of the attack. If convicted, he could face a potential of not less than three nor more than fifteen years in a correctional facility. 

He was transported to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail and has since posted bail.


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