Grafton High School launches after-school transportation program

GRAFTON—Being a parent with children involved in extracurricular activities can often times mean that mom or dad are constantly on the go. It can also sometimes mean that a child must miss out on certain activities due to a lack of  transportation.

Grafton High School (GHS) has recently taken a step to help out with after school transportation so students don’t have to miss out.

The exciting new platform kicked off on February 3, and although it hasn’t quite caught on yet, the evening bus program is sure to be beneficial for students and parents alike. 

GHS principal Lori Shumaker shared that the idea behind this project was to give more students the chance to participate in after school activities, without their parents having to stress about arranging reliable transportation.

According to Shumaker, the evening bus is an option for any high school student that wishes to take part in any afterschool activities that appear on the schedule for each month.

The schedule present students with the opportunity to work freely in the computer lab or get in some physical activity in the school’s gymnasium on different days throughout the month.

The bus may also be utilized by students involved in other extracurriculars, sports, tutoring, credit recovery and those serving detention. 

The evening bus picks students up promptly at 5:30 p.m., with many drop off locations throughout the county to better accommodate parents and guardians. 

Drop-offs for the eastern end of Taylor County include, Tygart Lake Golf Course, Thornton Post Office, Greene’s Plaza, Drive-in Road, the truck turn around along 119, Wickwire Road and Walmart.

Stops at of the western side of the county include, Taylor County Middle School, Harmony Grove Road, West Taylor Elementary, Berry Run, Flemington Elementary and the Taylor County Senior Center.

“We hope that getting students closer to home, and reducing the distance parents must travel will allow more students the option to participate in after school activities,” voiced Shumaker.

She added that additional drop off locations can be added to the route if a need is evident and will continue based on the frequency of student use.

“Based on data that we have collected from polling our students over the last couple of years, I do believe the need exists and I hope more students begin to take advantage of this program,” Shumaker commented.


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